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Invisible Braces – Boston Area

Invisible Braces in Boston“Invisible Braces” refers to lingual braces that are placed BEHIND the teeth on the LINGUAL or tongue side. The only way to see them is to tilt your head back, and nothing is seen from the front. These allow much more control and a much shorter treatment (usually half) than that of Invisalign retainers (which sit over the teeth and use less force). Invisible braces must be custom made to the backs of your teeth so they cost more, and require special training and instruments to adjust, so we only recommend them to patients who would otherwise not wear braces. Invisible braces in the Boston area cost between $6,000 – $9,500, and are usually done with upper invisible and lower ceramic braces. Speaking for those with small mouths and large tongues can be more difficult sometimes, and in some cases final detailing is done with clear braces in the front for 1 – 2 months. For these reasons, we only recommend them if you decline treatment with clear orthodontic braces on the front. However they do offer far more control than Invisalign clear retainers and therefore allow more rapid orthodontics.