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Speed Braces

Speed Braces

Cleveland Circle Dental has been practicing general dentistry, and perfecting expert methods for Speed Braces since the early 1990’s. Today, Dr Georgaklis focuses on a unique dental service called Straight Teeth in 6 Months – the Speed Braces program.

Dr Georgaklis’ techniques for giving his patients the perfect smile faster have been adopted by many dentists throughout the country, but without the knowledge and specialism that is required to deliver results as originally intended. Our ability to deliver the speed braces technique comes from our dedication to its refinement over many years of practicing, and we believe that we’re the only office which is genuinely capable of finishing the Speed Braces within 6 months.

Success in delivering a beautiful smile in 6 months comes from both practice, and dedication to our patients. You’ll find that our treatment regime is more tailored to your needs than other dentists. Whereas some try and fit in as many patients as possible, we’ve found that by concentrating on a smaller number of patients per day, we’re able to give them far better results.

The pictures of our satisfied speed braces patients tell the whole story. Looking at the dates, you’ll be able to see how far we can take you in such a short period of time. Within 6 months on our program, you’ll have the smile you’ve wanted. Call us today and let us show you how we can transform your smile.

Real 6 Month Braces

In orthodontics, past results ARE the best predictors of future success! See our work

Deep Bite

deep bite

Protruding Canines

protruding canines

Protruding Incisors

protruding incisors

Retained Baby Teeth

retained baby teeth

Huge Gap

huge gap

Huge Gap

huge gap