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Can I Eat Halloween Candy with Braces?

Can I Eat Halloween Candy with Braces?

Trick or treat! After a night out going door to door collecting candy with your children, younger siblings or friends, you find yourself sticking your hand in the bowl to treat yourself. But wait! You have braces! Can you eat that?

Most orthodontists will say NO! Don’t eat candy! Dr. Georgaklis wants you to know that there are definitely candies to avoid, but some could be okay. Dr. G introduced Rapid Braces, using practices provided by Brookline area orthodontists to give patients straight teeth within six months. If you’re a patient of Dr. G’s, you wouldn’t want to prolong that process, right? Here’s a few tips for safe Halloween candy to eat with braces.

  • DO eat chocolate! It’s the softest candy and melts in your mouth so you don’t need to worry about it getting stuck on your braces. Try to avoid frozen chocolate, solid chocolate bars or chocolate with nuts or caramel. That’s when things get messy.
  • DO eat mint candies! Buttermints, peppermints, Junior Mints or Peppermint Patties are totally okay. It’s okay to suck on a hard candy, but resist the urge to bite down.
  • DO opt for other options like soft cookies or cupcakes. You may not find these options while trick or treating, but look for them at Halloween themed parties.
  • DON’T eat anything gummy, chewy or sticky. The consistency makes it almost impossible to clean from braces. Even harder chews are not okay – they could get stuck to the metal and ruin it.
  • DON’T eat small coated candies like M&Ms or Skittles. The sugary shells break into small pieces, getting stuck in hard to reach spots on your braces.

It’s important to remember you have your braces on and are on your way to having a perfect smile! Don’t ruin it with candy! 6 Month Braces treatment time will increase if pieces get stuck in your braces or you have to have something replaced. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. G and the expert staff at Rapid Braces if something doesn’t feel right with your braces, we’re here to help. And remember, candy gives you cavities!

If you’re looking for Rapid Braces, invisible braces or just have any questions, Dr. Georgaklis is your go-to guy for Brookline 6 Month Braces. Other orthodontists in the area can’t offer personalized 6 Month Braces treatment like Rapid Braces. For more information, contact Dr. Georgaklis.


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Who Needs Braces?

In recent years more and more adults are looking for orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles. Some individuals get braces to correct an uncomfortable bite for a healthier mouth. Others want to feel more comfortable in social situations and getting straight teeth is a great way to boost self-esteem. Over 1 million adults in America wear braces today, a number that has continuously grown for the past several years. People of all ages are wearing braces to correct their teeth, the following are a few reasons why adults are getting braces at any age.

braces for adults

A perfect smile is a great first impression.

The first thing that many people notice when they first meet someone is their smile. Smiling has a positive impact on everyone around you. Individuals with straight teeth can feel confident showing their smile to the world and have the self-esteem to show for it. Being able to show your smile to the world will make a huge difference in your life and change how people interact with you for the better.

Teeth are able to shift at any age.

A number of adults will notice that their teeth, which had been straight in the past, begin to shift as they get older. This can happen due to an injury or naturally and often leaves someone with a crooked smile. You can get braces at any age at Rapid Braces so we can straighten out teeth that begin to move at an older age.

Straight teeth play a big part in a healthy smile.

When an adult has misaligned teeth it is much easier for food and plaque to build up and create cavities. Eventually an unclean mouth will lead to periodontal or gum disease. Getting perfect smile at Rapid Braces will help you keep your mouth much healthier.

Braces from Rapid Braces are more comfortable and less noticeable than ever.

The experts at Rapid Braces offer a number of different modern braces alternatives that are comfortable to wear and can hardly be noticed. Behind the teeth braces, lingual braces, clear braces and Invisalign are all available at Rapid Braces for patients of any age.

Our 6 month braces orthodontic treatment begins with an initial consultation so Dr. G can see how your teeth are aligned and put together a treatment plan. Schedule an appointment at Rapid Braces today to get started with 6 month braces for adults.

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Straight Teeth Fast with Adult Braces

Many adults wish they had a better smile. Having overcrowded teeth or big gaps in between your teeth can cause individuals to shy away from social situations. A better smile would eliminate these fears and allow an adult to feel confident in any social setting. Getting straight teeth has traditionally been something for teenagers and not adults. Today, however, Rapid Braces in Brookline offers a number of braces alternatives for adults that will improve your smile in 6 months or less.

Adults who didn’t get braces when they were a teenager often have a number of questions about adult orthodontic treatment. The most important is whether our patients even need braces in the first place. The following are three common signs that you need braces, regardless of how old you are.

adult braces alternatives

Food gets stuck between your teeth.

Food getting stuck means that there are some sizable gaps between your teeth. If you don’t regularly floss this food can stay in your mouth for weeks, presenting an opportunity for plaque to build up and cavities. Close any gaps between your teeth with the expert Boston orthodontic treatment available at Rapid Braces.

Your teeth are overcrowded.

If your teeth are too close together it can be impossible, even for a professional hygienist, to ensure that your mouth is completely clean. Get overcrowded teeth room to breath with a braces alternative for adults at Rapid Braces.

Your bite is uncomfortable.

Having a bite that doesn’t fit together properly can lead to discomfort. Eating and chewing can be a problem if your bite doesn’t line up. Get rid of any discomfort with Boston’s number 1 orthodontist at Rapid Braces.

Schedule an appointment at Rapid Braces today if any of the conditions listed above apply to you. Dr. G has years of experience giving adults straight teeth with the best alternative braces options. Rapid Braces offers invisible braces, braces behind the teeth, clear braces and invisalign so our patients can get a perfect smile without having to let the world know they’re wearing braces. Rapid Braces gives its patients the most personal orthodontic service in the Boston area. Call us today to learn more about how you can get a better smile in 6 months or less.

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Tips for Brushing Teeth while Wearing Braces

Getting straight teeth by wearing braces as an adult is a great way for anyone to get the smile of their dreams. Rapid Braces in Brookline offers a number of modern braces alternatives so Boston orthodontic patients can get straight teeth fast. The braces alternatives were all designed with the intention of making wearing braces more comfortable, easier to keep clean, and decreasing the length of the treatment time. Rapid Braces strives to offer orthodontic treatment options that will fit into an adult’s busy schedule. Schedule a visit today to find out more about how you can get a perfect smile in 6 months or less.

boston braces alternatives

Rapid Braces provides all the latest braces alternatives at the Brookline office. Lingual braces and Invisalign are both modern techniques for straightening teeth that can work for anyone. Lingual or behind the teeth braces are braces that are placed on the “lingual” or tongue side of your teeth. When placed behind the teeth they will be invisible to outsiders and allow you to clean the front side of your teeth exactly as you always have.

Invisalign is one of the most popular type of braces patients choose at Rapid Braces. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that can be removed at anytime to eat or brush your teeth. As your treatment progresses new clear aligners will need to be made to continue closing the gaps between your teeth. The clear aligners are also impossible to notice from the outside so patients won’t have to deal with an unattractive look while they complete Boston orthodontic treatment.

One area that many patients are concerned with before starting treatment is how they will keep their mouth clean. Traditional braces are clunky metal apparatuses that can make brushing your teeth completely a challenge. Patients wearing traditional braces often have to deal with broken brackets, snapped rubber bands, and places that seem almost impossible to reach. Dealing with the issues listed above will lead to bad breath that can be problematic in a social or professional setting.

Call Rapid Braces today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. G. At this meeting Dr. G can get a good look at how your teeth are aligned and present the different options for a better smile that are available. We can get a schedule for orthodontic treatment agreed on as well. Give us a call to learn more today.

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More than Cosmetic Benefits to a Perfect Smile

At Rapid Braces in Brookline we give many patients straight teeth who are completely concerned with the cosmetic benefits of a perfect smile. Being able to show off those straight teeth to the world and not feel embarrassed in public due to crooked teeth are what they’re after. Straight teeth have been proven to raise self-confidence considerably but there are a number of other health benefits that come with straight teeth as well. Your mouth will be much easier to keep clean after getting a perfect smile at Rapid Braces and your bite will be improved to reduce any pain or discomfort as well.

perfect smile benefits

The biggest health benefit that comes along with a perfect smile is how much easier it will be to keep your mouth clean. Having crooked teeth means that there will be all sorts of gaps between the teeth that food can get stuck in. Brushing your teeth regularly will get most of the food out of your mouth but there will be some spots that are trickier to get to. Having food that stays in your mouth for a prolonged period of time will lead to decay and bad breath. Having straight teeth will make it much easier to make sure you’re able to clean everywhere when you brush. There won’t be any large gaps between your teeth that need extra attention or any odd shaped spaces you can’t even see to make brushing difficult.

An improved bite is another benefit of getting a perfect smile with Dr. G. at Rapid Braces. Having crooked teeth usually means your bite isn’t aligned properly which causes discomfort every time that you bite or chew something. Getting straight teeth will help improve your bite so that this discomfort you feel after eating will no longer be an issue. Many of our patients come back after completing treatment to tell us that they didn’t even realize how much pain their improper bite was causing. Fixing your bite now can also help prevent more serious jaw problems from occurring down the road.

Get a perfect smile at Rapid Braces and experience all the health benefits that having straight teeth can get you. A majority of our patients are able to complete their treatment in 6 months or less using Dr. G’s Rapid Braces technique. Once they are finished with their treatment they often find that their mouths are far easier to keep clean than it was before and that any jaw pain they used to experience due to an improper bite has been significantly reduced. Call Rapid Braces today and schedule an appointment to learn about all the benefits a perfect smile has to offer.

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