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Clear Orthodontics Options for Adults

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At Rapid Braces, we treat many patients who want straight teeth but can’t stand the idea of being seen wearing braces. These patients are most often adults who missed out on visiting an orthodontist when they were younger. Wearing traditional braces can make anyone feel uncomfortable in social situations and long treatment times can be difficult to manage.

Luckily there are new orthodontic treatment methods for adults looking for straight teeth today. Rapid Braces offers clear braces alternatives that are easy to keep hidden. Our 6 Month Braces treatment is one of the fastest ways to straighten your teeth available. The expert staff at Rapid Braces understands that many of our patients have busy schedules and do our best to be accommodating. The Rapid Braces 6 Month Braces treatment has been completed in 6 months or less by more than 90% of our patients.

Clear Braces for Adults

There are a number of braces options to choose from at Rapid Braces. Clear braces have clear bands and brackets so they will almost be invisible on top of your teeth. Clear braces are put on by an orthodontist the same way as traditional braces but blend in with your teeth while they are worn. Another popular choice among Brookline orthodontic patients are lingual braces. Lingual braces aren’t transparent like clear braces but they are put behind the teeth so they can only be seen by an orthodontist. Lingual braces position on the inside of your teeth offers great control over how your teeth are aligned.

The best way to get straight teeth in 6 months or less at Rapid Braces is to schedule a consultation. Dr. G can get a good look at how your teeth are aligned at the consultation and present a plan for orthodontic treatment. After the initial meeting you can take your time to decide whether adult orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces is right for you.

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Braces for Adults

A bright and straight smile can help anyone feel more confident in their appearance. Many individuals are able to undergo orthodontic treatment when they are younger. Starting orthodontic treatment at an earlier age is a great way to get a perfect smile for life but for some people that isn’t an option. 65% of adults do not have well-aligned front teeth. At Rapid Braces in Brookline, however, we use a number of different adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment techniques that make it easier for adults to get braces.

braces for adults

Rapid Braces offers a number of braces treatment options so adults can undergo their treatment discretely. Wearing braces makes many individuals feel very subconscious to the point that they will avoid social interactions. We have clear braces, lingual braces and invisalign treatments available so you can get a perfect smile without having to worry about showing off your teeth. Clear braces use clear brackets and bands so they blend in with your teeth. Lingual braces are put behind the teeth instead of in front so they cannot be seen. Invisalign utilizes clear plastic alignment plates that are worn over the teeth and must be remade every so often for further teeth straightening.

Another advantage that undergoing adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces has is our speedy treatment time. Dr. Georgaklis is able to complete 90% of his patients’ cases within 6 months using his Rapid Braces technique. He does this by putting an emphasis on the finished result. Doing this allows him to save precious time on the entire treatment and have his patients leave his office with perfect smiles faster. Treatment time is a big reason why many adults do not undergo orthodontic treatment and Rapid Braces is aiming to change that.

Schedule an appointment at Rapid Braces to learn more about how we’re making braces for adults easier than ever. We understand the obstacles that get in the way of adults starting cosmetic orthodontic treatment. With our expert staff, getting your braces treatment complete in 6 months or less is a real possibility. Check out the 6 month braces case photos here to see the results that our orthodontic work can get.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Options to Straighten Your Teeth

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Today, more and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment for a perfect smile. Braces are becoming increasingly popular and countless individuals are realizing their dreams of having straight teeth. Patients are happy to learn that a number of different braces options have been developed that won’t leave them trying to hide their face. The days of getting your mouth taken over a clunky metal apparatus are over. After completing treatment patients almost always report back to their orthodontists with stories of renewed self-confidence and no longer being afraid to show their faces in social situations. The following is a list of the aesthetically pleasing braces options available with Rapid Braces in Brookline.

A system of custom aligner trays are used to complete the invisalign treatment. The trays are put on over the teeth and move the teeth little by little to straighten them out. As your treatment progresses new trays will be made to continue the straightening. Invisalign trays are clear as well so you will be able to keep on smiling without metal brackets in your mouth.

Clear Braces:
Clear braces are a cost-effective and flexible braces option. These braces use clear brackets so that your braces won’t stand out. Patients can feel comfortable showing their smile while they undergo treatment with clear braces. Clear braces also move teeth with a bit more force than invisalign making them ideal for more difficult cases.

Lingual Braces:
With lingual braces the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of the teeth. They will remain hidden on the inside of your mouth for the duration of your treatment. Many patients report that their friends had no idea they were receiving orthodontic treatment while they were wearing lingual braces.

As you can see, there are a number of different aesthetically pleasing options to get straighter teeth. Each treatment option is perfect for a different type of case. Dr. Georgaklis and his expert staff have years of experience giving patients perfect smiles in the Boston area. Call our office today to learn more about all of our braces treatment options.

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Are Invisalign Braces Good For Me?

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The Invisalign system uses clear plastic aligners to give patients straight teeth without having to deal with clunky metal brackets. Many patients are interested avoiding the self-consciousness that individuals feel when they have braces. Invisalign will work to straighten out crooked teeth while still allowing you to show off your smile to the world. It is important for patients to remember a few key points when deciding if they are a good fit for Invisalign.

You have a less severe orthodontic case

The Invisalign system works exceptionally well when treating orthodontic cases that are less severe. Invisalign helps space out overly crowded teeth, close gaps between teeth and align crooked teeth. By focusing on these issues, our expert team at Rapid Braces can give you a perfect smile.

You can stay diligent

Patients must stay committed during their Invisalign treatment in order to achieve the best results. The clear aligners can be removed at anytime and occasionally patients will neglect keeping the aligner in place. It is essential that you wear the aligners as often as possible. Try not to forget to put them back in after finishing a meal.

You are an older teen or adult

Older patients love the fact that you can be undergoing Invisalign treatment to get a better smile is very subtle. It is possible to complete the entire treatment with hardly anyone realizing. Patients are able to smile with confidence while wearing the aligners.

At Rapid Braces we have years of experience giving patients straight teeth. We understand that patients want to get braces treatment over with quickly and 90% of the cases we begin are finished in 6 months or less. We offer the invisalign system as well as a number of other types of braces to give patients the perfect smile.

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The 6 Month Clear Braces Solution

After beginning traditional braces treatment many individuals will try their hardest to hide their smile. Having all that metal and different colored bands in their mouth makes them feel like everybody is looking. Because of this, a number of patients will choose not to undergo treatment and miss the opportunity for straighter teeth. At Rapid Braces in Brookline we offer treatments designed to keep your oral care as discrete as possible. Clear braces are an effective way to get a perfect smile.

With clear braces you won’t have to deal with unsightly metal braces taking over your mouth for a few years. Clear braces are recommended for many patients due to their low cost and history of providing great results. They still use the same amount of force as regular braces but the brackets are clear so that they blend in with your teeth. Your smile will still be just as bright after getting your invisible braces put in. The transparent material that the brackets are made of won’t give you anything to hide.

6 month clear braces brookline

Pros to clear braces:

  • Much less noticeable than metal braces
  • Teeth are moved faster than invisalign retainers

Patients who get clear braces at Rapid Braces can get the 6 month clear braces treatment. Dr. G has been using the Rapid Braces technique for almost 20 years and 90% of his patients are able to complete treatment in 6 months or less. Getting straight teeth is the number one reason patients choose to get braces and Dr. G understands how important a perfect smile is. He approaches his treatment with a focus on dental cosmetics and will do whatever he can to ensure his patients leave with a perfect smile.

Many competitors claim that they are able to give patients straight teeth in 6 months or less but Dr. G is the only one with numbers to back it up. Rapid Braces has put a focus on offering perfect smiles in 6 months or less and is able to finish treatment with 90% of his patients in that timeframe. Get in touch with Rapid Braces to find out how you can get straighter teeth fast.

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