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6 Month Braces

Six Month Braces – Boston Area

Just because you need braces, doesn’t mean your smile has to suffer for a year or two behind bars. Braces have come a long way through the years. In fact, Dr. Clifton Georgaklis has revolutionized the entire industry with his 6 month braces orthodontic technique called Rapid Braces.

Rapid Braces

His practice focuses on adult cosmetic orthodontics in the Boston area, offering straight teeth in 6 months with clear braces or invisible braces (lingual braces). While many competitors now advertise his technique, his Cleveland Circle Dental Associates practice in Brookline, MA is the only office that is actually able to finish 90 percent of cases in 6 months.

The Rapid Braces Technique

Orthodontists come to Dr. Georgaklis’ office from all over the the country to observe his 6 month braces technique which has been featured on Channel 7 news. His Rapid Braces technique has changed how adult orthodontics is being practiced worldwide and has given way to various popular offshoots including 6 Month Smiles, FastBraces, and Speedbraces since he published his technique in Dentistry Today in 1999.

Dr. Georgaklis approaches the end result like a cosmetic dentist. He gives you your best smile with unique services including tooth and gum sculpting and smile design, a no retainer option which is behind the teeth even on the uppers, and a free removable retainer option. While most orthodontists see between 50 and 100 patients per day, Dr. Georgaklis sees only 8 to 12. You will receive personalized service and attention to minute detail from Dr. Georgaklis and his friendly staff in his small Brookline dental office.

Unlike Invisalign, Rapid Braces take only half the time because they offer more control. We offer a number of treatments to provide straighter teeth including lingual braces that are mounted behind the teeth on the lingual (tongue) side. Many people are drawn to these because they aren’t visible from the front and can only be seen if you tilt your head back.

Dr. Georgaklis’ Cosmetic Work

In orthodontics, past results ARE the best predictors of future success! Here are some actual examples of our work.