Straight Teeth in Six Months
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These are REAL testimonials from patients with their real names.

We’re excited to share with you some real feedback from our patients who have transformed their smiles in just a few short months. Our treatment has helped people to achieve the confidence and happiness that comes with having a beautiful smile.  Our Rapid Braces technique works.

Cecelia Harvey, Very Grateful Patient

“My teeth have never been straight. My jaw is too small for the number of teeth I have which resulted in both lateral incisors (teeth next to my front teeth) never fully coming in and turning sideways, sort of a mini-vampire look on my upper jaw. On my bottom jaw, one tooth was behind all the others and one came in sideways as well. Nothing scarily severe but a look that has always bothered me, especially at picture taking time. I was the person who never smiled and showed her teeth in a photo or who covered her mouth when laughing out loud. Subsequently my teeth became even more crowded over the years and my 2 front teeth turned slightly inward. After a bout of Periodontal disease about 20 years ago and resolving it, my dentist at the time suggested I probably shouldn’t take chances straightening my teeth because as he put it, “they looked fine.” Disappointed as I was, I took his advice. Better to have misaligned teeth than no teeth at all.

Several years passed and after moving to a new home I transitioned to a new dentist. I need to mention that I had this dentist in the distant past and loved her. After my first cleaning I mentioned that I was interested in having my teeth whitened but that my gums were sensitive and was given Dr. G’s card. I immediately noticed the words, “6 month braces”. Skeptical, I laughed and said that’s impossible. “No” my dentist replied, Dr. G is amazing. Curious about my prospects I called and set up an appointment with Dr. G. At my first appointment I mentioned my braces “fears’ to Dr. G. After examining my teeth, gums, jaw and x-rays I was given the green light. He assured me all was well for braces.

My braces were put on in July of 2023 so my 6 month timeline for removing them would be around January of 2024, keeping in mind that this was an approximation. After one month I realized my teeth were already moving into place. After two months the placement was almost perfect. At month three, on October 24th, my braces were removed because of perfect placement. This, in my book, is a miracle!

A miracle with the help of Dr. G’s expertise and attention to detail as he created an ideal smile for me. Although My timeline was only three months, (amazing!) I’m sure that for others, depending on their needs, it will vary. When he gave me the mirror I was flabbergasted. My teeth were perfectly aligned and shaped.

Dr. G is not only a gifted dentist and orthodontist, he is also an artist in the field of creating a picture perfect smile. Dr. Georgaklis is indeed the “Greatest of All Time” as an Orthodontist and I will be forever grateful that I had the good fortune to have met him.

The Patriots had Tom Brady. The L.A. Lakers, LeBron James. In the world of Orthodontists there is Dr. Georgaklis.

Dr. G is a modern day wonder and a miracle worker.”

Thank you

Shaquille Campbell
January 2022

Age 22, 25, and 29 were all attempts of me looking into straightening my teeth. By the time age 30 was approaching I felt more obligated to correct my smile. I went back and forth due to pain, cost and length of time it would take for me. I started to get comfortable with the idea of NOT going through with with it. I was introduced to Rapid Braces and TALK ABOUT A BLESSING. I WAS SOLD! I HAD TO GO THROUGH WITH HIM NO ONE ELSE. If your scared of the unknown like I was, or cost is making you not change your life I recommend to go to RAPID BRACES! I wish I did sooner. LEGIT THE BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!!!!! DR. G, KATHY THE ENTIRE OFFICE TEAM MADE SOMETHING POSSIBLE FOR ME THAT I HAVE CONTEMPLATED AND PUT ON HOLD CLOSE TO 8 YEARS!!!! If your contemplating this man and his practice ARE YOUR CALLING AND YOUR MIRACLE. LEGIT THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE FOR MYSELF. FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR DR. G AND HIS SIX MONTH PROCESS ( I was done in five months) August 2020 to January 2021. I NEVER HAVE TO TALK OVER MY TEETH OR HIDE MY SMILE. THANK YOU DR. G.


Lines Colon
Gardner, MA

“Thank you and your wonderful staff for giving me the smile I thought I would never have.”

Rapid Braces Testimonial

Alana D’Auria
Boston, MA

Before finding Cleveland Circle Dental I attended numerous orthodontist consultations over a seven-year period throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Upon finding Cleveland Circle’s website I was intrigued by the “rapid braces” treatment that Dr. G offered. Upon my first visit I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I had found a dental office to begin my treatment.

During my time as a patient, Dr. G was extremely professional and diligent in explaining the different stages I would experience in order to receive the results I sought. His loyalty to the dental profession was exemplified during my visits because he would always take his time during my appointments and was readily available to address any concerns I had. I felt reassured after each visit that I made the correct choice in waiting to have braces because I was able to find Cleveland Lingual. Not only did Dr. G exceed my expectations regarding my smile, he provided me with encouragement during this entire process that was priceless.

The staff employees Kathy and Pam added to my wonderful experience at this office. Kathy was always available to answer any questions I had and was accommodating to change my appointments based on my busy schedule as a law student. Pam always greeted me with a smile and would ensure that I was always relaxed and happy during my visits.

Looking back now I can honestly say that this was the best decision I have made in my life. I would highly recommend Dr. G’s to anyone! He has transformed my smile significantly and I am extremely happy with my entire experience. I will never forget the kindness of Dr. G and the entire staff at Cleveland Lingual, and I consider myself lucky to have been a patient at this amazing office.

Dr. Marshall B. Kricken D.D.S.

Your course ranks in the top 2 or 3. It is really excellence in orthodontics using simple means in 6 months!!

I came to learn about lingual orthodontics but learned so much more. This will transform my practice from working too hard to working smarter and simpler.

You are truly one of the visionary pioneers by the technique you have developed. Now I can work with pleasure into my seventies with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.

Thank you so much Dr. Georgaklis.

Alexis DeCarolis
Londonderry, NH

Dr. G “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have done for me. My whole life I’ve looked in the mirror and saw that one insecurity that everyone has. The flaw I was embarrassed about, that I wanted to hide from everybody, the one thing I hated more than anything else. May 1, 2014 was not only the best day of my life so far; but the start to my new life. Every morning I wake up and smile the most beautiful smile I could have ever asked for. I’ve wanted braces since I was 12 years old but never got the opportunity until now. They told me 3 to 4 years I would have to have them on, but I wasn’t having that. I tried going with Invisalign but they turned me down due to the over crowding of my teeth. When I saw your website and was introduced to your 6 month process I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I’ve never heard of such a thing and couldn’t believe it until I myself was sitting in your office. Month by month I could see and feel my teeth moving so rapidly and before I knew it, they were perfect. Seeing my teeth for the first time after removal was a feeling I will never forget and still today every time I walk passed a mirror I cant help but stop and smile. I feel complete, I have gained confidence, and instead of hiding my smile I want to show the whole world. Dr. G none of this would have happened without you and I thank you so much for making me the happiest girl I could have ever dreamed of. I feel like a whole new woman and with these teeth, nothing could bring me down! Anyone considering braces should stop searching because I would recommend you over any other dentist/orthodontist out there, you and your staff are amazing and your work couldn’t be any more professional.“

teeth straightener

Lysette Lopez
Warwick, Rhode Island

teeth straightener boston

“I couldn’t believe when I looked at the mirror the last day of my treatment after six months. I was so amazed that I cried! Dr.G does incredible work, more than what I was expecting! More than a doctor, he is an artist and his hands are blessed. He made my dream come true and I am very pleased with the results. I live hour and a half from the office and that wasn’t an impediment to do my treatment in his office, it was worth it! If you’re having a regular orthodontic treatment right now with the old fashioned technique, and with another doctor, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!!! Call Dr. G…you’ll be glad and happy like me. Dr. G, YOU ARE THE BEST! Jessica, Vickki, thank you so much and God Bless!”





Ashley Gleason
Boston, MA

“Five months ago I took one of the biggest leaps of my life – getting braces as an adult in hopes of fixing my smile that had discouraged me my entire life. I put all of my trust into Dr. G and his team – and he didn’t let me down. If anything, he far exceeded my expectations. When he took my braces off and I saw my perfect teeth for the first time it brought tears to my eyes, I kept saying “I can’t believe I waited so long to do this”. For the first time I was looking in the mirror and seeing ME! I have always been a confident young woman, never hiding my crooked teeth for anyone, but now I feel on top of the world – my smile is bigger than ever with an added sparkle to my eyes. I say it was a leap because its change in many difference areas.

It’s a time commitment, a financial commitment, and then there is that little thing thing…insecurity. I remember feeling all of those and wondering, will it all be worth it? And I can say with 100% sincerity that it is. The clear braces were so undetectable I would have conversations with people who never eve noticed – and when I told them they were shocked! All in all, the five months flew by and now I have the smile I’ve always wanted.

The entire process with Dr. G and his team was amazing. They were always so kind and comforting to me, answering any questions I had. Even though I knew my appointments could bring some discomfort, I actually looked forward to going because Dr. G, Jess, Sandra, and Vikki always made me feel like family.

I actually loved the experience so much and believed in the process so much that I referred my sister when I was only 2 months. She now drives two hours from NH every 3-4 weeks to get her adjustments and is counting down the days until she can share her own story.

I wish I could attach a picture to this testimonial so you could see the finished result. Not only are me teeth straight but they are reshaped along with the gum line resulting in a smile that looks like it should be on a commercial. My friends and family are so jealous – the “Ohhs and Ahhs” don’t get old. If you are considering getting braces this is the ONLY way to go!”

teeth straightener brookline

Anna Folan
Dorchester, MA

“Dr. Georgaklis is by far the BEST dentist that I have ever been lucky enough to come across. After years of being disappointed with so many other doctors; telling me that I would be in braces for at least ten years, he told me he could fix my teeth in 6 months, and he did. To this day the first thing i get complimented on is my smile, and it’s all thanks to him.

Him and his assistant (Jessica) always made me feel so relaxed at each and every visit. There was never any pain, because they were always so gentle and patient with me. That’s why i continue to go to his office for regular cleanings. His whole staff is so kind and skilled at what they do.

I remember at my first visit i was shown an album of all the teeth he had fixed. There were pages and pages of success stories, and that’s what sold me. The before and after pictures were unbelievable. I trusted him and I could tell that he knew what he was doing. I can’t say all the decisions that I made in my early 20`s were the best ones, but going to him was! (lol).

I’ll never forget how sad those other doctors made me feel. Either brushing me off, or chalking me up to a “hopeless case.” So the fact that Dr. Georgaklis was able to look at me and say “6 months”, meant more to me than he ever will know. I really feel as though he saved my twenties, and gave me all the confidence I needed to enjoy life. To anyone who’s older and/or thinks it’s too late for braces, give him a call.”

Brookline Rapid Braces


“Many orthodontists before said that the only way they could improve my smile was with a combination of surgery to expand my palate and a couple of years of braces. Surgery was not an option for me. Luckily, I found Dr. G’s website and made an appointment. Expecting to hear the same answer, I told him I understood that there were a lot of limitations on what he could do, but that all I was hoping for was to decrease my overbite somewhat and improve my smile. To my surprise, not only he said he could do it, but in only 6-9 months! Was I in for a surprise! The results were beyond anything I’d ever imagined! He reshaped my teeth and my gums, fixed my overbite, crossbite and gummy smile in only 6 months! He didn’t just improve my smile, he gave me a totally new and beautiful smile that I never thought I could have. At first, having braces at 41 made me a little self-conscious and I had some “what was I thinking” moments. But as I started to see the changes I got more excited. The results were unbelievable! Throughout, he answered all my questions patiently and professionally. Everyone in his office is very nice too. I would recommend him to any adult looking to improve their smile. My only regret is not finding him sooner!!”

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Bruce B. Feinberg MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School

“I must admit, I didn’t think you would really pull it off. Over the years I had seen many general dentists as well as 3 orthodontic specialists regarding my teeth crowding and misalignment. I was consistently told 2 things: it’s only cosmetic and not essential to correct, or it would require 2-3 years of standard orthodontic braces. Both points seemed ludicrous: I am presenting for evaluation for a cosmetic problem SPECIFICALLY because it bothers me. And there must be an alternative to the standard 3 year jail sentence. I started “Googling” around and learned about something called 6 month braces for adults. I approached my most recent orthodontist for his opinion but was met with a pretty standard response: “I personally don’t do it or recommend it; there is a paucity of data on it; if it was so good, then everyone would be jumping on board.” Since we were moving from out-of-state to Boston, I “Googled” on 6 month braces in Boston and found your website. Little did I know that I lucked into the originator of the technique. I came for a preliminary consult and you felt confident that I could be another success story. A frontal projecting tooth needed extraction: this was the only time I needed to leave the confines of your office. Not only did you perform the orthodontic treatment, but fixed a number of issues from prior dentists, including replacing crowns, redoing fillings, cosmetic bonding, etc. (Not that I didn’t give you a challenge with my tetracycline stained teeth and their whitening issues; but even that you improved tremendously). Now on the other side of the ’6 months smile’ I feel tremendous gratitude and a need to publicize your great work. As I used to say: ‘You are the Michelangelo of dentistry’. Thank you.”

Jordan Weygand
Attleboro, MA

“My experience with Dr. G was excellent. He is very professional and answered all of my doubts and questions along with the rest of Cleveland Circle Dental staff. He met all my expectations and provided me the qualities I was looking for…. Ever since I could remember I have always been self conscious about my teeth. In pictures I would never smile, and in public if I smiled I would always put my hand over my mouth, or just not smile at all. This would lead to having issues in school and a lot of depression over the years. I was always thinking about what other people thought when I smiled…. Dr G. is very detailed and always makes you feel better. I thought my experience with braces would not be good, but the truth is that every time I had an appointment, I could not wait to get to the office. His staff is excellent; they are always friendly. Dr. G is very human and always puts himself in his patients’ shoes. My time with braces was fun. I would recommend him to all my friends who asked me who treated me… I feel very good now that everyone tells me that I have the perfect smile and beautiful teeth, it truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Dr.G !”

Hans Brings
Waltham, MA

“I will never forget your promise to me that the treatment would take 6 months. I have to admit I did not believe you. My hopes were that the treatment would be completed within a year. You amazed me by finishing in just 5 months!…If there were slogans in orthodontics, yours should be ‘underpromise, then over-deliver.’ Thank you so much for improving my teeth, my smile and my life.”

Dannetta Smith
Boston, MA

“I have never been happy with my smile because of crooked teeth. I have seen many orthodontists and they have all said 2 years. I met a man who told me this particular dentist could straighten teeth in just 6 months. While sitting in the waiting room, I looked at pictures of previous patients and said to myself, ‘this man is not an orthodontist, he is a miracle worker.’ The day my braces came off, my smile looked so magnificent I could have cried. I felt like a totally changed woman. I would have never have gotten braces if I had to wear them for 2 years. Who says you’re too old to get braces and change your life? Dr. G. You are my hero!”

Sharon Dalton
Auburn, MA

“I just wanted to thank you for sending all the pictures. I am still in shock about the results. Everyone I know has been astonished with my new smile. When I look in the mirror, it’s still not me looking back. I think it will take a while before it really sinks in. What can you say to someone who has made such an unbelievably positive impact on your life? In my wildest dreams never could I have imagined this smile being my reality. I’m not sure yet how I can possibly thank Dr. G and Jess too for her help. Thanks again for the photos and I will see you on….”

Yves Denis
Manchester, NH
patient who transferred his treatment to Dr. G while in braces in NH

“I picked up the phone and I called them, and they told me to come down so Dr. G could take a look at the mess. Trust me it was a real mess. My bite was so off; it looked like the jaws were going in different directions. Thank God there is genius on earth to make a difference in people’s lives… Dr. G takes cosmetic dentistry to the highest level, this man is real, and he is one of the best … Dr. G excels where others fail. This man made such a difference in my life by turning failure into success in just seven months… After he finished his magic, the experience was unbelievable. I went home with a beautiful smile, everyone congratulated me for the new look, the L. A. look that the innovator – Dr. G – put on my face. I would like to take my hat off to Dr. G for being such a professional, an outstanding leader in cosmetic dentistry, an innovator in the field … May God keep the journey going for a long time to save more and more smiles! Thanks to Vikki for her outstanding customer service. And Jess you are the best!!!”

Letzy Etienne
Canton, MA

“Your excellent dental treatment and great staff of professionals made this process quick and easy. I wish I had done it years ago! I’ve seen many different dentists over the past 10 years, but you were the only one who gave me an option for dental treatment that I could live with and didn’t take up years of my life.”

Michelle Wadsworth
Swampscott, MA

“I’ve gone to Dr. Georgaklis for rapid braces and 4 front crowns. Before the braces, my teeth were a crooked mess. Rapid braces really WORKS and my teeth are STRAIGHT now! He also did 4 front crowns which completely transformed my old crown and uneven veneers into 4 beautifully done front crowns. The end result is a mouthful of straight, healthy teeth and gums, and a gorgeous smile!! It takes time to achieve dental miracles, and I am really thrilled that I put in the time with Dr. Georgaklis for the crowns and for the 6 month braces, rather than years and years in braces with someone else. Dr. G is meticulous, professional, and he encouraged good communication with me every step of the way, to make sure I’d be happy with the results. (I am!) Also, his staff is incredible. Everyone there is friendly, and great at what they do. If you’re on the fence about getting braces, don’t hesitate. Just go. And go to Dr. Georgaklis.”

Chelsea Antosca
Wrentham, MA

“I went to Dr. G after visiting about four orthodontists and cosmetic dentists. Many said the best thing for me was to have traditional braces for two years. Being self conscious about my teeth, wearing braces was devastating. Searching for another way, I came across Cleveland Circle Dental online and saw “Straight Teeth in Six Months”….The consultation appointment changed my life. Dr. G told me my treatment would really only take six months’ even using lingual braces, which were behind my teeth. He really listened to me and had a plan to fix everything I was self conscious about. This was a miracle and exactly what I was looking for. Each month my teeth looked better and better, and during the six months he reconstructed my gums and bonded the front of my teeth which had been damaged. By the end of treatment I had never been happier. Dr. G was really an artist and took time each appointment to make sure everything was how he and I wanted it. He really went above and beyond what I would have ever imagined my teeth to have looked like. I know it sounds cliché but he really did change my life. I cannot thank him enough!”

Lauri McNally
Andover, MA

“I would just like to thank Dr. G for changing my life. He is incredible and he will forever have my gratitude. I never thought I would be able to have a nice smile without going through the traditional 2+ years of wearing braces (which I was told was my only option) until I heard about rapid braces in 6 months. I visited the website and read every article and looked at every testimonial. Still leery of this, I went and made an appointment for a consultation. I met with Dr. G. and heard everything he had to say and what would happen. After he answered all of my questions and ensured me of the treatment, I made the appointment that changed my life. Not only did he accomplish everything he said he would but did it in less time….Dr. G. was very professional, polite, and understanding. He is a genius at his field and I would (and have) recommend him to everyone who ever had any insecurities about their smile but didn’t want to go the traditional route of braces for years. Thank you Dr. G. You truly are the best. I would like to give a big shout out to Jess. Thank You. I looked forward to seeing you at every visit. My biggest fear in the world…is being in the dentist chair. And you made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. You were very encouraging and compassionate and always made me feel better. Not sure I would have made it through this without you. And to Vicki, Thank You. I enjoyed our conversations and your pleasant smile each time I entered the office. You made me feel like I’ve know you for years. I will miss you all but you will always be in my heart and in my smile.”

Lara de Laubadere
Paris, France

“One of the most important things for me in a dentist is being comfortable. Dr G makes you feel extremely comfortable and at ease throughout the whole 6 month process. He not only cares about making your teeth look and feel their best but cares about how you feel as the patient while doing it. Dr G answers any questions that you have, makes sure your concerns are explained and reassures you the most possible. Everyone in the office is very nice, they do their best to make you feel special and taken care of. A great doctor, great experience and overall amazing result with my teeth!”

Natasha Crooks
Boston, MA

“Words can’t express how thankful I am to Dr. G for giving me the perfect smile that I could have only dreamed of. I am a young adult who was very self conscious about her smile and it would show in my half smiles or no smiles in every photo that I took. I tried to ignore the fact that my teeth weren’t the way that I wanted them to be but it was something that always came up. I was always afraid that people were looking at my teeth and noticing them. I thought that I would have to live with this shame for the rest of my life since braces for 3 years were out of the question, I didn’t want to do that. Then one day a friend recommended Dr. G to me and told me that he could fix my teeth in 6 months. I initially thought it was too good to be true but six months later I emerged with a perfect smile. From the moment I walked into the office, I could tell that Dr. G and his entire staff were completely different from any dentist office that I have ever been to. There was always a smile and a genuine warm welcoming from each and every one them which continually put me at ease. Now I smile bright and big for every picture I take, I laugh widely and loudly no longer afraid to show my pearly whites. If you are thinking of getting your teeth fixed by Dr. G, GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it for one second. Thank you so much Dr G!”

Chris Taylor
Boston, MA

“For years, large spaces in my front teeth caused a tremendous amount of anxiety and embarrassment. When I finally decided it was time to do away with this irksome condition, I dedicated myself to finding a dental professional that could help ‘bridge the gap’ between my former self and my desired appearance. After several months of research, I had the good luck and great fortune of finding the website for Dr. Georgaklis. Thanks in part to the photos on his site, I was relived to find a dental practionier with the skill set and experience that could help. In the first meeting that followed my initial consultation, it was clear to me that I’d made the right decision. In the months that followed, Dr. Georgaklis and his staff treated me with the utmost kindness, compassion and respect. Every member of his team offered their time, effort and energy in guiding me through my treatment period. I recommend Dr. Georgaklis to those actively in search of a dental professional with the patience, intellect and insight to help them reach their goals.”

Stevon Wilson
Boston, MA

“Known fact: Doctor g and associates, are the people you would like to see to get your teeth done properly. From the day of my consultation Dr. G had a plan, while moving forward he executed that plan to perfection. Once the six month period came along I couldn’t believe my eyes, my ups and downs are looking absolutely amazing.
Keep up the good work Dr. G”

Dan Petrescu
Brookline, MA
referred by his dentist to Dr G

“The result was impeccable; exactly as I had envisioned it…. To prevent any further shifts, I got splints, which I highly recommend as an alternative to retainers. …with a smile a large as ever, reflecting the vision and hard work of Dr. G and his team.”

Emily Rock
West Brookfield, MA

“I love my teeth! A year and a half ago I would have never been able to say that. I had seen many orthodontists in my area who told me my teeth could be fixed but needed about three years of braces and a tooth removal for it to be done. I didn’t want braces on for that long so I began to accept that my teeth were always going to be crooked and gapped. I finally Googled “Rapid Braces” and found Dr. G’s 6 month braces. At first I thought it was way too good to be true and there must be a catch, but I soon found out I was completely wrong.

I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to get the braces on. This was the best decision of my life. Every month I drove 1.5 hours to go to Dr. G., and it was so worth it! There I would have my braces tightened which would create a little pain for a day. This seemed like less pain that the regular braces my friends had and I would always tell myself, just a few more months left. Everyone there, especially Jess, was always so caring and concerned about my teeth and how they felt. Each month I would take a picture of my teeth and it was so exciting to notice the great improvement. Traveling so far and having my braces was so worth the result! I used to be ashamed to smile with my teeth showing but now I show them to everybody. When I got my braces off, people would say “Wow that was so quick, you’re so lucky, and I didn’t even realize you had them on”! Six month braces are the only type of braces I would recommend and can’t understand why anyone would get regular braces. Dr. G’s rapid braces cost just as much as regular braces and you only have about 6 trips, not to mention you get a whole new smile in just 6 short months!”

Erica Gianci
Miami, FL

“My teeth are FINALLY exactly the way I want them! This was my third time having braces and thanks to Dr. G, my teeth will never move again! If my mom only knew the importance of finding a cosmetic orthodontist, she would’ve taken me to see one from the start! Dr. G not only aligns your teeth, he shapes the teeth and your gum line. Unlike orthodontists that I’ve seen who had their hygienists do most of their work, Dr. G spent a lot of time with me and did the majority of the work himself. I also opted to have permanent retainers so that my teeth will never move again. Ordinary orthodontists do NOT do this type of work and they charge you the same price! In addition, Dr. G’s advanced techniques will move your teeth faster than conventional methods. My braces were off in four months!”

Sara Kaur
Cambridge, MA

“Dr G. will always have a special place in my life. He brought back my smile and confidence. I had braces in India when I was a teenager. At that time I had extractions done. Since I never completed my treatment, after years, my teeth started moving with huge gaps between my front teeth. For the last ten years I have been wasting my time going to dental schools for my treatment. Last year, I stumbled upon Dr. G’s website and was amazed to see the results showcased on his site. Those actually felt too good to be true. I went for a consultation with him and started my treatment that very day. As promised, within six months my teeth were aligned. I am a different person now and I can’t thank Dr. G and his staff enough. Everyone is very professional and they try their level best to serve their patients. I wish I had not wasted all my 30s being conscious about my teeth and had met Dr G. ten years ago. Thank you.”

Christine Grier
Spencer, MA

“I think Dr. G did a great job and his staff was always super helpful at my appointments.

I am an aggressive teeth grinder and Dr. G always helped me find the best solutions to take care of my teeth. I appreciate Dr. G’s humor and personality. Dr. G also helped me find ways to improve on my mouth health.

Thank you again for the great results! Love you guys!”

Jane Edwards
Foxboro, MA

“ Doctor Georgaklis created a smile for me that is natural looking and done with artistry and with regard for my wishes. I also had some crowns made and couldn’t be happier with the work.

The office has a warm atmosphere and a skilled and kind staff. If you arrive early for an appointment you can relax in the massage chair, which I usually managed to factor into my arrival time.

I believe that Doctor Georgaklis is a dentist with exceptional skill and that anyone using him for dental work, cosmetic or not, will be extremely satisfied.”

Dr. John Witzig
Orthodontic Pioneer and Instructor

“Dr Georgaklis will show you how to shape your practice and be a leader in adult cosmetic orthodontics…. You will treasure your time with him.”

Dr. Aaron Nicholas
Dentist who attended Dr. Georgaklis’ Brookline Course on Orthodontics

“I was very impressed with the simplicity of the technique and the relaxed style in which it was presented and performed. This is an answer to a problem I didn’t even know I had…”

Dr. Michael White
St. Louis
Dentist who attended Dr. Georgaklis’ Brookline Course on Orthodontics

“Anyone who resists change and is not open minded will be left behind. Patients do not want 2 years of treatment-they want rapid orthodontics. I truly believe the future of orthodontics is happening at your office.”

Dr. Kevin Bybee
Oklahoma City
Dentist who attended Dr. Georgaklis’ Brookline Course on Orthodontics

“The truth is, your technique is remarkable. There is no bite change or expansion, so the teeth stay in the neutral zone. The speed at which teeth moves is remarkable, and patients are amazed and very happy with the results. I love it because I can spend some fun time with my patients in a low stress atmosphere….It was a relaxed seminar with no egos and great pizza. Thanks for being such a visionary. May God continue to bless you in this endeavor.”

Dr. Jack Sheridan
Famous Orthodontist Professor and inventor of initial version of Invisalign

“Patients value abbreviated esthetic treatment…. It’s their teeth, their money, and their Chief Complaint…. Nice work!!!”

Alida Hanson
Dear Dr. Georgaklis,

Thank you for doing such beautiful work on Margaret’s teeth. She was set on getting veneers and we are so grateful for your simple, beautiful solution. You saved us a lot of money. Her teeth look perfect.

I hope you have a wonderful Summer.

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