Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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About Us

Boston 6-Month Braces Dentists
Drs. Clifton and Maria Georgaklis

Dentist in BostonLooking for a 6 month braces dentist in the Boston area? A Brookline native, Dr. Georgaklis was educated at Yale and the University of Connecticut Dental School where he was at the top of his class and achieved a perfect clinical board score! Since then he has developed THE FIRST niche practice focusing on treating the adult cosmetic orthodontic patient. Over the past 25 years has lectured to thousands of dentists and orthodontists in this evolving field, and many of them travel from around the U.S. and Canada to his Brookline dental office and learn his short term orthodontic technique firsthand.

Philosophy of Dental Practice

Our office provides cutting edge care in general dentistry, providing state of the art care in root canals, esthetic composite fillings, lifelike dental crowns, and thorough cleanings and deep scalings. Your initial visit starts with a dental examination and treatment plan that takes care of urgent issues first, cosmetic dentistry second. Dr Georgaklis is an expert in developing tailored treatment plans suitable for each individual. He will present you with ALTERNATIVES, allowing you to choose what is right for your budget and schedule, without pressure. This is why Dr Georgaklis has had a thriving dental practice for almost 25 years.

Patient Testimonials on his website reflect his gentle dental treatment approach where he wisely guides and counsels patients how to plan their treatment in a healthy and economical manner. “He will not recommend a complex procedure where a simple one will suffice”, as one patient said. His small staff of handpicked professionals reflect this focus on excellence in dentistry, and you should notice this from your first phone call. We price ourselves in the middle range for a Brookline and Boston area dental practice, as we want to serve you the public, and not just an elite niche of celebrities or other dentists, as we have also treated.

We strive to be efficient and minimize office visits because your time is valuable. We will not over expose you to radiation, taking dental xrays only as necessary. Deep cleanings are done when we can show you their need, and dental restorations are done after showing you actual evidence of tooth decay.

We are a low volume dental office as Dr G sees only 8-12 patients a day, so you will notice the difference that individualized care makes. Ultimately, a cosmetic dentist’s resume are before and after pictures. This matters more than office decor, address, or what one says about oneself because results matter. If you want great results, call our Boston area dental office.

What Are Hidden Braces?

Braces in the past were a topic of ridicule for many of us when we were children. Yet the benefits of having straight teeth would last a lifetime even if we may not have liked getting uncomfortable metal braces. Recently braces have become something that’s not just for kids as adults realize there’s still time […]

Best Ways to Keep Clear Braces Sparkling Clean

Choosing Clear Braces for your 6 Month Braces treatment is one of the best ways to get your teeth straightened fast. Clear Braces us clear bands and wiring so your braces can stay hidden while they transform your smile. Many people are used to having to wear braces for much longer but recent advancements in […]

The Benefits of Cosmetic Orthodontics

Everyone is aware of the tremendous benefits of having good teeth for both physical and emotional well-being. You use your smile every day, but if you don’t feel confident in it, you might use it less frequently. Adults in the Boston area can actually benefit from cosmetic dentistry in many ways other than simply improving […]

What We Do

boston invisible braces

  • Straighten your front teeth in six months (in 90% of cases)
  • Invisible braces behind teeth (most cosmetic), clear braces (most common), and metal (most economical)
  • Cosmetic enhancements like reshaping teeth and gums, whitening, and other important adjunctive cosmetic services from a dentist with a keen eye for dental esthetics. Often we can identify esthetic problems others miss and resolve them!
  • Splinting -connecting the teeth from behind so no retainers are necessary! Adults usually need this.
  • General dentistry services such as tooth extractions, composite dental fillings, dental cleanings, and tooth whitening.



What Can Not Be Done

  • Changing your facial profile or moving facial bones
  • Moving your lower jaw far forward or back because of jaw deformities

Our Goals are to:

  • Have YOUR “before and after” photos on our website!
  • Keep your teeth straight FOREVER!
  • Make you SO HAPPY that you will send your friends to us 🙂

The best !!! I am so grateful to my friend who recommended Dr.G. He is very experienced talented, and have done the treatment extremely well in a short time. He did not just straighten my teeth but also reshaped them. This place is the spot for that Hollywood smile you want. Everyone was so clean and gentle with me. I can’t stop looking at my smile now and I wish I found this place years ago😃. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Margarita Larionov