Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Show Off Your Smile with 6 Month Braces

One of the first things that people notice when you first meet them is your smile. Being confident to show your smile off is important and can have a number of benefits. Smiling has been proven to have a positive impact on the people around you and can play a bigger part in success than you might think. Having straight teeth can impact one’s ability to get a job and comfort level in social situations. Boston braces are available to patients at any age at Rapid Braces, so everyone can get a perfect smile fast.

6 month braces

Crooked teeth can be straightened out at any age for a better smile. A number of new methods for getting straight teeth have been developed recently so more and more adults are getting braces. Rapid Braces offers a few of these braces alternatives that we have found to be the most successful. Lingual braces, clear braces, and Invisalign are all available for our patients and have helped us get fantastic results fast. These alternate braces options are all much more comfortable than traditional metal braces and easier to keep hidden. Adults won’t have to worry keeping braces that are almost impossible to see in the first place hidden.

Closing the gaps between your teeth can help you avoid more serious issues in the future. Misaligned teeth are much more likely to have plaque and food buildup between your teeth. The food buildup will lead to tooth decay and can also be a precursor to more serious issues such as gum disease. Patients who get perfect smiles at Rapid Braces will be able to easily keep their mouths clean.

The number one reason that so many adults are getting braces put on for a better smile is the improved treatment time. In the past, getting braces meant signing up for 2 to 3 years of wearing annoying metal brackets in your mouth and frequent orthodontist appointments. The lengthy treatment and overall discomfort are things that many adults aren’t able to take on so Dr. G developed the 6 Month Braces treatment method. He puts an emphasis on the end result so more time is spent getting your teeth into perfect position and you can finish treatment fast. 90% of patients at Rapid Braces are able to get their braces off in 6 months or less using the 6 Month Braces method developed by Dr. G.