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At Cleveland Circle Dental, you will enjoy a superior dental experience. This always starts with thorough patient education and communication so you have a clear understanding of why you need your procedure, followed with conservative but effective clinical results, and finally the ultimate in cosmetic finishing.

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Shaquille Campbell
January 2022

Age 22, 25, and 29 were all attempts of me looking into straightening my teeth. By the time age 30 was approaching I felt more obligated to correct my smile. I went back and forth due to pain, cost and length of .. read more

Straighten Your Teeth in 6 Months with Rapid Braces


See the Originator of the 6 Month Braces Technique

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Our Boston Braces Results Are Hard To Beat!

Why Rapid Braces Orthodontics is the Top Brookline Braces provider

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Dr. Clifton Georgaklis is a highly qualified practitioner who started his career in adult Boston orthodontics and general dentistry. He founded Cleveland Circle Dental Associates in Brookline, MA, in 1991. Today, the practice focuses on adult cosmetic orthodontics and serves the Boston area. Rapid Braces mean Straight Teeth in 6 Months with Clear braces or Invisible braces, also called Lingual braces. Many now advertise our technique without really practicing 6 Month Braces, but we are the only Boston orthodontics experts that can finish 90% of cases in 6 months. Our pictures tell the story.

Dr. Georgaklis lectures to dentists and orthodontists on his novel 6 month orthodontic technique. Many come to his Brookline office from throughout the country to observe Six Month Braces Treatment. He has been featured on Channel 7 news and treated many well-known dentists as orthodontic patients. Dr. Georgaklis’ Rapid Braces technique has changed how adult orthodontics is being practiced worldwide and has spawned various popular offshoots such as “Six Month Smiles” and Fastbraces since he published his technique in Dentistry Today in 1999.

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What has separated his treatment (since 1991) from conventional orthodontics is his focus on AESTHETIC dentistry, approaching the end result like a cosmetic dentist. He gives you your BEST smile, with unique orthodontic services in Boston such as tooth and gum sculpting and SMILE DESIGN, a NO RETAINER option (it’s behind teeth- even on the uppers), or free removable retainers (most charge $500 extra). Most orthodontists see 50-100 patients per day, while we see only 8-12 patients, which tells you how different our personalized orthodontics treatment approach is. The cost is equal to or less than conventional 1 – 2 year orthodontic treatment, and he can show you quality results he has published on 6-month braces because he was the first to originate the concept in 1991. This is truly the latest frontier in Cosmetic Dentistry. There are now numerous offices copying Dr. Georgaklis’ 6 Month Braces Technique and treatment philosophy as his articles and lectures have spread throughout the US and Europe. We are confident we can give you the smile you want in less time with Rapidbraces.


Read about the difference at our office, our techniques, speed, quality, and expertise.


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“I congratulate you for your innovative and thoughtful approach to the subject. I feel certain that many more people would have orthodontic therapy if it could be simplified and made more acceptable to them as adults… You are doing a great service to educate those who have interest.”

Dr. Gordon Christensen
Most Respected Evaluator of New Dental Techniques in the World

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How We Do It

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Our dental practice takes a comprehensive approach to your dental health. First and foremost, we focus on cleaning your teeth and addressing basic dental problems such as fillings. But that’s just the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to give you the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve being an orthodontic expert.

We can straighten your teeth in as little as six months using the latest orthodontic techniques using clear, metal, or invisible braces BEHIND THE TEETH. Our orthodontic Boston Braces procedure may involve sanding between teeth or sometimes removing a tooth to create more space. Very often, patients also notice a more comfortable bite, less wear on crooked teeth, less food collection in between teeth, and fewer gum problems in the future. We move your teeth small distances to stay straight and beautiful for years. After the orthodontic treatment, we use either retainers or splinted (connected) retainers behind the teeth to ensure that your teeth stay in their new, straight position. And for an even more dramatic final result, we can provide other cosmetic treatments such as gum, tooth reshaping, and bleaching. As a skilled general dentist, Dr. Georgaklis has a wealth of experience in these other cosmetic modalities and can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

6 Month Braces Blog

Find Discreet Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options

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How to Get Adult Braces Off As Quickly as Possible

Braces are not just for teenagers anymore; an increasing number of adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to achieve a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing smile. Whether for professional reasons, personal satisfaction, or health benefits, Adult Braces in Boston are becoming more popular. If you are an adult considering braces and are eager to get them off […]

Tips for Keeping a Healthy Mouth While Wearing Adult Braces

Wearing braces as an adult is an important step towards achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. However, many patients don’t realize that maintaining good oral hygiene during adult orthodontic treatment can be challenging. Food particles and plaque can easily get trapped in braces, making it essential to keep your mouth as clean as possible. Here are […]



Rapid Braces Team Our office provides cutting edge care in general dentistry, providing state of the art care in root canals, esthetic composite fillings, lifelike dental crowns, and thorough cleanings and deep scalings. Your initial visit starts with a dental examination and treatment plan that takes care of urgent issues first, cosmetic dentistry second. Dr Georgaklis is an expert in developing tailored treatment plans suitable for each individual.



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6 Month INVISIBLE Braces - Lingual or "Invisible" Braces are placed BEHIND the teeth so nothing is seen from the front. This is not Invisalign which usually takes twice as long.



In orthodontics, past results ARE THE BEST predictors of success! See our work ...

Our focus is Rapidbraces, Speedbraces, Fast braces, Six Month Braces, Clear Braces, Adult Braces, Invisible Braces, Cosmetic Orthodontics, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

6 Month Braces Testimonials

  • “I just wanted to thank you for sending all the pictures. I am still in shock about the results. Everyone I know has been astonished with my new smile. When I look in the mirror, it’s still not me looking back. I think it will take a while before it really sinks in. What can you say to someone who has made such an unbelievably positive impact on your life? In my wildest dreams never could I have imagined this smile being my reality. I’m not sure yet how I can possibly thank Dr. G and Jess too for her help. Thanks again for the photos and I will see you on….”

  • “I couldn’t believe when I looked at the mirror the last day of my treatment after six months. I was so amazed that I cried! Dr.G does incredible work, more than what I was expecting! More than a doctor, he is an artist and his hands are blessed. He made my dream come true and I am very pleased with the results. I live hour and a half from the office and that wasn’t an impediment to do my treatment in his office, it was worth it! If you’re having a regular orthodontic treatment right now with the old fashioned technique, and with another doctor, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!!! Call Dr. G…you’ll be glad and happy like me. Dr. G, YOU ARE THE BEST! Jessica, Vickki, thank you so much and God Bless!”

  • “My experience with Dr. G was excellent. He is very professional and answered all of my doubts and questions along with the rest of Cleveland Circle Dental staff. He met all my expectations and provided me the qualities I was looking for…. Ever since I could remember I have always been self conscious about my teeth. In pictures I would never smile, and in public if I smiled I would always put my hand over my mouth, or just not smile at all. This would lead to having issues in school and a lot of depression over the years. I was always thinking about what other people thought when I smiled…. Dr G. is very detailed and always makes you feel better. I thought my experience with braces would not be good, but the truth is that every time I had an appointment, I could not wait to get to the office. His staff is excellent; they are always friendly. Dr. G is very human and always puts himself in his patients’ shoes. My time with braces was fun. I would recommend him to all my friends who asked me who treated me… I feel very good now that everyone tells me that I have the perfect smile and beautiful teeth, it truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Dr.G !”

  • “I will never forget your promise to me that the treatment would take 6 months. I have to admit I did not believe you. My hopes were that the treatment would be completed within a year. You amazed me by finishing in just 5 months!…If there were slogans in orthodontics, yours should be ‘underpromise, then over-deliver.’ Thank you so much for improving my teeth, my smile and my life.”

  • “I have never been happy with my smile because of crooked teeth. I have seen many orthodontists and they have all said 2 years. I met a man who told me this particular dentist could straighten teeth in just 6 months. While sitting in the waiting room, I looked at pictures of previous patients and said to myself, ‘this man is not an orthodontist, he is a miracle worker.’ The day my braces came off, my smile looked so magnificent I could have cried. I felt like a totally changed woman. I would have never have gotten braces if I had to wear them for 2 years. Who says you’re too old to get braces and change your life? Dr. G. You are my hero!”