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Getting your teeth aligned for a beautiful smile is something that many people aren’t able to do when they were a teenager. Traditionally, teens are the ones who get braces for straight teeth. Adults who wanted the confidence that comes along with a perfect smile felt like they missed there chance. Now, however, there are a number of cosmetic orthodontic options available designed just for adults. Rapid Braces offers a number of different adult orthodontic treatments so everyone can get the smile of their dreams.

Braces for Adults

Rapid Braces understands the feeling of embarrassment that can come with wearing braces as an adult. Many people can’t even imagine going out in public while wearing traditional metal braces so they don’t get braces at all. The cosmetic orthodontics options at Rapid Braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and fast so they won’t be too disruptive. Rapid Braces adult orthodontic treatment can be completed in less than 6 months so you can get back to what matters most.

There are a few different types of adult braces available at Rapid Braces. Lingual, or incognito braces are a popular choice for many adults. Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth so they can’t be easily seen but still offer excellent control of teeth alignment. Clear braces work similarly to traditional braces but the brackets and bands are clear so they will be tough to notice. Keeping cosmetic orthodontic treatment hidden is important to many patients and a focus of the Rapid Braces practice.

All of the cosmetic orthodontic treatment plans at Rapid Braces start with an initial consultation. At this meeting you can let us know what you’re looking for and any concerns you may have. Dr. G and the expert staff at Rapid Braces can complete an examination of your mouth to see exactly how your teeth are aligned. After getting a good look at your mouth we can then suggest what the best treatment options would be. Each option will have benefits that we will go over with you so you can make the best possible choice to get straight teeth fast.