Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Clear Braces

Clear Braces for Adults

Transform your smile with transparent braces. Adults in the Boston area can get straight teeth in six months with clear braces!

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Clear braces for adults continue to be our most popular alternative for those whose teeth are more crowded than can be done with Invisalign, but still can be done in the 6 month time frame for over 90% of ALL OUR CASES!

Clear Braces for Adults

6 Months Braces - Before and After

Get straight teeth in just six months.

The days of dealing with unattractive braces are long gone. Dr. Georgaklis has revolutionized the way orthodontics is practiced in this country and around the world with his Rapid Braces method of treatment. With the Rapid Braces treatment, most patients can get their braces off in six months or less. Dr. Georgaklis’ dental office in Brookline, MA has a track record of treating 90% of his patients in a six-month period.

6 Month Clear Braces are a great option for adults who need braces but don’t want the expense of behind-the-teeth braces (lingual). Dr. Georgaklis recommends clear braces for many patients because they are cost-effective and provide great results in a short period of time. Most adults are initially drawn to Invisalign clear retainers before considering clear braces. However, these retainers sit over the teeth rather than get mounted to your teeth, which makes them less effective and requires a longer treatment time. Clear braces are a great alternative to Invisalign because they straighten your teeth in HALF the time.

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Are you an adult who needs braces?

You’re eligible for a free dental consultation! During your first visit to our Boston area dental office, we will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your dental and orthodontic needs. Because your oral health is important, we will first focus on any urgent dental matters before moving on to treat your cosmetic dentistry concerns. Every patient’s treatment needs are different. Our office provides cutting-edge care in general dentistry.


Dr. Georgaklis takes the time to get to know his patients and understand their needs. Unlike other orthodontists who see up to 100 patients per day, he sees a maximum of 12, usually each for a one-hour visit! He prides himself on offering tailored treatment plans for his patients and will present you with alternatives. This will allow you to select the right plan for your budget and schedule without any pressure. This is why Dr. Georgaklis has had a thriving dental practice for 25 years. Our convenient location, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized service make every visit a pleasant experience.

“I will never forget your promise to me that the treatment would take 6 months. I have to admit I did not believe you. My hopes were that the treatment would be completed within a year. You amazed me by finishing in just 5 months!… If there were slogans in orthodontics, yours should be ‘underpromise, then over-deliver.’ Thank you so much for improving my teeth, my smile, and my life.”

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