Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Behind the Teeth Braces at Rapid Braces

behind the teeth braces

Behind the teeth or hidden braces are a new type of orthodontic treatment that is becoming a popular choice for adults. An alternative to traditional metal braces that can make anyone look awkward, hidden braces are placed behind your teeth. This way they are hidden out of view so they’re practically invisible. Your teeth will constantly be getting straightened out while wearing behind the teeth braces until you have a perfect smile. Rapid Braces strives to complete orthodontic treatment quickly and is able to finish more than 90% of its cases in 6 months or less.

Unlike in the past, getting straight teeth isn’t just for teenagers anymore. Today, more and more adults are choosing to get orthodontic treatment with behind the teeth braces. Some have been dreaming of getting a beautiful smile but felt they would be to embarrassed to show their face in public wearing traditional braces. Others knew that metal braces can be a painful commitment that often lasted more than 3 years. Behind the teeth braces offer an alternative way to straighten out your teeth that is both comfortable and discreet.

Advantages of Behind the Teeth Braces

There are a number of benefits to getting straight teeth with behind the teeth braces at Rapid Braces.

  • Behind the teeth braces are easy to keep hidden due to the fact that they are placed behind your teeth. Only those you choose to tell will even know that they are there.
  • Patients wearing behind the teeth braces are able to eat and speak normally after a short adjustment time.
  • It is far easier to keep your teeth clean wearing behind the teeth braces than with traditional braces.
  • Rapid Braces is able to finish over 90% of its adult orthodontics cases in 6 months or less with the 6 month braces treatment method.

Give us a call and schedule appointment to find out if behind the teeth braces are the right choice for you today. All of our patients’ treatments begin with an initial consultation. At this appointment Dr. G can see how your teeth are aligned and recommend which treatment options are right for you.