Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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6 Month Braces Treatment

Like many Boston Orthodontics, treatment at Rapid Braces can help give you straight teeth for a perfect smile. What separates Rapid Braces from other area orthodontists is our 6 Month Braces treatment plan. Over 90% of our patients complete their braces treatment in 6 months or less with our 6 Month Braces option.

All of our braces options for straight teeth start with an initial consultation. Many orthodontists take a one-size-fits-all approach to braces treatment but not at Rapid Braces. Dr. G understands that every patient he meets with has special considerations that need to be made so they can get a perfect smile. Our expert staff can get a good look at your mouth and how your teeth are aligned at the first meeting and let you know the best braces options that are available for you.

The Rapid Braces 6 Month Braces plan is different from most braces options. Most orthodontists will take at least 2 years and sometimes up to 6 years to complete treatment and take braces off. At Rapid Braces, more than 90% of our patients are able to complete treatment in 6 months or less.

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Rapid Braces offers a number of different braces options so new patients can choose a treatment plan that makes the most sense for them. We regularly hear from our patients that trips to the orthodontist were the worst before starting treatment at Rapid Braces. We strive to make our office a comfortable place where patients can expect to be treated with care and attention. It is important that you are able to make scheduled appointment times, but we work hard to be flexible with our scheduling.

Fast braces treatment times are the number 1 reason many individuals in the Boston area are choosing Rapid Braces over other orthodontic practices. We understand that a trip to the orthodontist is the last thing many want to think about. Rapid Braces offers a comfortable and quick way to get straight teeth. Call our office today to schedule an initial consultation so you can learn more about Rapid Braces treatment.

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We do not offer splinting, gum reshaping or bleaching services. Our teeth straightening options focus on straightening teeth and not any other cosmetic issues. Changing a patient’s bite is our focus for children with jaw deformities.