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How to properly care for your 6 Month Braces

How to properly care for your 6 Month Braces

Deciding to invest in a new smile is a big decision. It requires finding a Boston Cosmetic Orthodontist who understands your particular case and time commitment to make scheduled appointments. Luckily with 6 Month Braces, the time commitment is cut down significantly. In most cases, you can get your braces off and have a new smile in just 6 months. Even though your braces will be on for a fraction of the time of the traditional approach, it is still just as important to take care of your 6 Month Braces diligently while you’re wearing them. Follow these steps to master home care for your braces so they stay clean, keep your teeth healthy, and ensure that they will work properly throughout your treatment.

Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your 6 Month Braces is to keep them clean. You should brush your teeth after every meal for at least 2 minutes each time. Make sure you take special care to remove any pieces of food that may be stuck in your braces and polish off any visible stains. A soft bristle toothbrush is recommended and you should brush at several different angles.

Make Sure to Floss Daily

The best time to floss your teeth is at night before bed. When you go to floss make sure you have plenty of time to do a thorough and proper job. Using traditional floss is fine but may prove to be difficult while you’re going through the 6-month braces treatment. We recommend using a floss threader, this will allow you to get into the many small spaces created by your braces. Getting under the wire and around where the brackets meet your teeth is crucial to maintaining a healthy smile while in braces.

There are Certain Types of Foods You Should Avoid

One of the best ways to maintain the proper function of your 6-month braces is to simply avoid any potential issues. Sticky, crunchy, and hard foods can break wires and brackets or even pull brackets right off of teeth. It is best to stick to soft foods that are less likely to get stuck in your braces. For the first few days after getting your braces or getting an adjustment, your teeth and gums may be sensitive, it will be the most comfortable for you to eat soft foods at these times.

Use a Water Flosser

For additional cleaning power, you can add a water flosser to your daily routine. Water flossers shoot a jet of high-pressure water between your teeth, making them ideal for removing food stuck in braces. They are great for getting into hard-to-reach places and removing harmful bacteria too. A water flosser should not be used as a substitute for regular flossing, they are meant to be used additionally as an added step.


No matter whether you choose lingual braces, invisible braces, or traditional braces the importance of maintenance is always the same. These tips don’t only apply to the 6-month braces program, they should be applied by everyone that has braces regardless of the type.