Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Straight Teeth Fast with Adult Braces

Many adults wish they had a better smile. Having overcrowded teeth or big gaps in between your teeth can cause individuals to shy away from social situations. A better smile would eliminate these fears and allow an adult to feel confident in any social setting. Getting straight teeth has traditionally been something for teenagers and not adults. Today, however, Rapid Braces in Brookline offers a number of braces alternatives for adults that will improve your smile in 6 months or less.

Adults who didn’t get braces when they were a teenager often have a number of questions about adult orthodontic treatment. The most important is whether our patients even need braces in the first place. The following are three common signs that you need braces, regardless of how old you are.

adult braces alternatives

Food gets stuck between your teeth.

Food getting stuck means that there are some sizable gaps between your teeth. If you don’t regularly floss this food can stay in your mouth for weeks, presenting an opportunity for plaque to build up and cavities. Close any gaps between your teeth with the expert Boston orthodontic treatment available at Rapid Braces.

Your teeth are overcrowded.

If your teeth are too close together it can be impossible, even for a professional hygienist, to ensure that your mouth is completely clean. Get overcrowded teeth room to breath with a braces alternative for adults at Rapid Braces.

Your bite is uncomfortable.

Having a bite that doesn’t fit together properly can lead to discomfort. Eating and chewing can be a problem if your bite doesn’t line up. Get rid of any discomfort with Boston’s number 1 orthodontist at Rapid Braces.

Schedule an appointment at Rapid Braces today if any of the conditions listed above apply to you. Dr. G has years of experience giving adults straight teeth with the best alternative braces options. Rapid Braces offers invisible braces, braces behind the teeth, clear braces and invisalign so our patients can get a perfect smile without having to let the world know they’re wearing braces. Rapid Braces gives its patients the most personal orthodontic service in the Boston area. Call us today to learn more about how you can get a better smile in 6 months or less.