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Are Invisalign Braces Good For Me?

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The Invisalign system uses clear plastic aligners to give patients straight teeth without having to deal with clunky metal brackets. Many patients are interested avoiding the self-consciousness that individuals feel when they have braces. Invisalign will work to straighten out crooked teeth while still allowing you to show off your smile to the world. It is important for patients to remember a few key points when deciding if they are a good fit for Invisalign.

You have a less severe orthodontic case

The Invisalign system works exceptionally well when treating orthodontic cases that are less severe. Invisalign helps space out overly crowded teeth, close gaps between teeth and align crooked teeth. By focusing on these issues, our expert team at Rapid Braces can give you a perfect smile.

You can stay diligent

Patients must stay committed during their Invisalign treatment in order to achieve the best results. The clear aligners can be removed at anytime and occasionally patients will neglect keeping the aligner in place. It is essential that you wear the aligners as often as possible. Try not to forget to put them back in after finishing a meal.

You are an older teen or adult

Older patients love the fact that you can be undergoing Invisalign treatment to get a better smile is very subtle. It is possible to complete the entire treatment with hardly anyone realizing. Patients are able to smile with confidence while wearing the aligners.

At Rapid Braces we have years of experience giving patients straight teeth. We understand that patients want to get braces treatment over with quickly and 90% of the cases we begin are finished in 6 months or less. We offer the invisalign system as well as a number of other types of braces to give patients the perfect smile.