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Hide Your Braces by Getting them Behind your Teeth

behind the teeth braces

Braces that are put in behind the teeth, referred to as lingual braces, incognito braces, hidden braces or behind the teeth braces, are making it easier than ever to keep your braces hidden. Behind the teeth braces work similarly to traditional metal braces with one major difference. They are placed behind the teeth so no one will ever know you’re wearing braces. Rapid Braces has been providing orthodontic care in the Boston area for over 20 years and has been a leader in the growth of orthodontic care for adults.

Behind the teeth braces are perfect for those who have misaligned or crooked teeth that make their smile less than flattering. Lingual braces at Rapid Braces will shift your teeth over time until you have a perfect smile that you’re not afraid to show off. Rapid Braces offers a 6 month braces treatment plan that is able to complete over 90% of cases in 6 months or less. Our office knows how busy many of our patients’ schedules are and do our best to give you appointment times that will work. It is important to attend all scheduled appointments for your orthodontic treatment to stay on schedule.

Getting behind the teeth braces at Rapid Braces will give you the most personalized orthodontic care in the Boston area. We keep the number of appointments scheduled daily to a minimum so that we can give each patient the attention that they deserve. We are able to make minor changes during adult orthodontic treatment that will help shorten treatment time and give our patients a perfect smile when the braces are taken off.

Behind the teeth braces are the best for patients who want braces that won’t affect their cosmetic appearance. Lingual braces are much like traditional metal braces except for the fact that they are bonded to the back of your teeth. The braces will remain hidden when smiling so no one will know that you are wearing them unless you tell them. Rapid Braces has years of experience giving patients perfect smiles with behind the teeth braces. Call our office today to schedule an initial consultation today.