Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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Dr. Clifton Georgaklis first started providing orthodontic care in Brookline in 1991. Since then he has focused on adult cosmetic orthodontics and developed the Rapid Braces technique; a method to straighten teeth that can be completed in 6 months or less. The orthodontic experts at Rapid Braces aim to give you a perfect smile by offering a number of different braces options and a personalized treatment plan.

The first step in the 6 month braces is getting an initial braces consultation. At this first meeting Dr. G. can get a good look at how your teeth are aligned and determine the best way to close any gaps for straight teeth. He can put together an orthodontic plan specifically designed for you and offer the best options to get straight teeth. Rapid Braces offers modern braces alternatives that are designed to be more comfortable and effective than traditional metal braces. The options are also less obtrusive to your appearance and include clear braces, invisalign, and lingual braces.

best brookline orthodontist

Once you have agreed on a Brookline orthodontics treatment plan we can schedule your first appointment. We will begin with a general dental cleaning. Rapid Braces is one of the best dental practices in the Brookline area and can offer our expert dental services to patients undergoing our Rapid Braces treatment as well. Our expert staff will make sure to fix any dental problems before braces are put on so you won’t have any unexpected cavities when they are taken off. Keeping your mouth clean while completing Brookline adult orthodontic treatment is extremely important.

During your treatment it is important that you are able to make every appointment that we schedule for you at Rapid Braces. Dr. G. strives to offer a service that is compatible with an adult’s busy lifestyle. Attending every checkup that is scheduled will allow for Dr. G. to monitor your progress and make any changes to treatment if a problem pops up. With this personalized treatment available, Rapid Braces is able to complete over 90% of it’s Brookline adult orthodontic treatment cases in 6 months or less. Call today to learn more about all the different braces options that are available at our Brookline office.