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Braces Behind Teeth are a Great Way to Get a Perfect Smile

The expert Boston orthodontists at Rapid Braces are proud to be able to offer a wide variety of braces. Each orthodontic method provides unique advantages so we are able to meet the needs of each of our patients. Each of the braces alternatives that we use at Rapid Braces utilize the most modern orthodontic technology to get the best results. All of our treatments start with an initial Boston braces consultation where Dr. Georgaklis can evaluate your smile and discuss which treatment options would be best for you. Our expert staff makes it a point to never recommend expensive treatments when more reasonable alternatives exist.

Of the modern braces alternatives that we offer patients at Rapid Braces, braces behind the teeth are one of the most popular. Braces behind the teeth or lingual braces are braces that are worn on the backside of the teeth as opposed to the front. Dr. G is able to have full control of the teeth from the back so he can close up any gaps and straighten teeth. The biggest reason most patients choose to wear braces behind their teeth, however, is that the braces will remain hidden there. Traditional metal braces can attract a lot of unwanted attention and behind the teeth braces can help you avoid that. Many patients return for follow-up appointments reporting that absolutely no one could tell they were wearing braces.

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Another good reason that patients of all ages wear Boston braces behind their teeth for straight teeth is the speed of treatment. Dr. G uses the 6 month braces treatment method at Rapid Braces. With this method he has been able to complete over 90% of his cases in 6 months or less. The quick treatment times and satisfied patients are transforming orthodontics completely. Adults can now fit Boston orthodontic treatment in with their busy schedules and be confident they’ll have a perfect smile in 6 months or less.

Call Rapid Braces today to get started with Rapid Braces Boston braces behind the teeth treatment. We can schedule an initial consultation so Dr. G and our expert staff can get to know you and your smile. Rapid Braces strives to give its patients the most individualized orthodontic services in the Boston area. We tailor all of our treatment options to the patient and get the results to prove it. Rapid Braces can get you straight teeth in 6 months or less.