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How to Decide if you Need Braces

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There are a number of different reasons that you might get braces. Some people need braces to fix an uncomfortable bite. Others decide to get them because they know they’d be more confident with a perfect smile. Choosing to get braces as an adult can be a tough choice but is often the best option for your oral health and cosmetic appearance. Rapid Braces in Brookline has been providing adults with expert orthodontic treatment and is the right choice for anyone who wants straight teeth fast.

The orthodontic experts at Rapid Braces have experience treating patients of all ages. We know that orthodontic treatment can be scary for patients of any age and do our best to keep appointments as short as possible. Coming to all scheduled appointments is necessary for Dr. G to make any adjustments during treatment and get the best possible results from your braces. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

Choosing to get braces as an adults can be a difficult decision. Most people have heard stories from their friends about how painful wearing braces can be and the numerous trips to the orthodontist’s office. These stories have scared many people away from getting the smile of their dreams. Rapid Braces, however, is aiming to change how people think about braces with the 6 month braces treatment method. Our 6 month braces method is able to complete more than 90% of the cases we take on in 6 months or less. Our patients are often amazed at great their teeth look after just 6 months of treatment.

Rapid Braces understands that many adults don’t have the time to get their teeth straightened out. Many individuals have extremely busy schedules with little time for regular appointments or dealing with painful braces. Adult orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces is fast and uses modern braces alternatives that are both comfortable and easy to keep hidden. Our lingual braces are braces that are put behind your teeth so only people you tell will know that they are there. Clear braces use clear bands so that they blend in with the rest of your mouth and won’t attract much attention. Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment method that uses clear aligner plates that need to be gradually changed to keep your teeth moving into the ideal position.