Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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6 Month Braces Speed Up Boston Orthodontic Treatment

6 month braces

With 6 month braces at Rapid Braces patients can complete their Boston orthodontic treatment fast. The 6 month braces treatment method uses techniques that have been proven to work. Over 90% of the cases started at Rapid Braces office in Brookline are completed in 6 months or less. Patients are often amazed at how quickly their teeth were straightened after consistently hearing about costly 2 – 3 year treatment times from other orthodontists. 6 month braces are perfect for adults with busy schedules who feel that their less than flattering smiles are holding them back. You can get a smile that you’re confident showing off at Rapid Braces.

6 Month Orthodontic Treatment

The main focus of Rapid Braces’ 6 month braces treatment plan is to give patients a great smile fast. We use the latest orthodontic technology so we can offer the most cutting-edge braces options to our patients. Recently a number of advancements have been made so that braces can be more comfortable and work faster. Rapid Braces strives to keep the number of scheduled daily appointments at a minimum so that we can offer the most personalized Boston orthodontic treatment. By devoting more time to each patient we are able to carefully monitor progress during treatment and ensure you have a great smile when your braces come off.

Options for Adult Braces

Different types of braces that are offered at Rapid Braces include lingual braces, behind the teeth braces, clear braces, invisible braces and Invisialign. Lingual braces are a popular treatment option in which your braces are fastened behind your teeth so only those you wish to tell will know you are wearing them. Many of our patients are concerned with how they will look with awkward metal braces in their mouths but wearing lingual braces will eliminate this problem. Lingual braces also offer precise control of the movement of your teeth and have given many patients the smile they’ve always wanted.

All of our fast 6 month braces treatments start with an initial consultation so the experts at Rapid Braces can get a good feel for how your teeth are aligned. After we examine your mouth and determine areas that need attention we can recommend different treatment options that are available. Some options are more expensive than others but with the number of choices available at Rapid Braces patients can almost always find an option that works for them. Schedule an initial consultation to get your teeth straightened out fast today.