Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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Signs Cosmetic Dentistry Could Be a Good Choice for You

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Adults all over are turning to cosmetic dentistry to get a beautiful smile. Many individuals weren’t able to get orthodontic treatment when they were younger and have parts of their smile they wish they could change. Rapid Braces in Brookline offers a variety of adult braces solutions. Our Rapid Braces treatment plan can be completed in 6 months or less so you can get a great smile fast.

Straight Teeth Fast

The experts at Rapid Braces have been giving our patients perfect smiles for over 20 years. The following signs are the most common reason we see patients for the first time. Please read through to see if cosmetic dentistry at Rapid Braces could be a good choice for you.

You don’t want to feel self-conscious when you show your smile. Many of our patients tell us that they want straight teeth so they won’t think twice about showing off their smile. Getting straight teeth can help people feel more comfortable in all types of social settings. Our 6 month braces treatment is perfect for those who want a better smile before a big event like a wedding or graduation.

You have a painful dental problem that you would like fixed. Cosmetic dentistry at Rapid Braces can fix a number of dental issues that can cause pain in your mouth. These issues include (but are not limited to):

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Gummy smile

You have trouble keeping your teeth clean. Crooked teeth can often result in hard to reach places in our mouths that are almost impossible to keep clean. An area like this is likely to be a spot where tooth decay occurs and require multiple trips to the dentist. Eliminate these hard to clean spots with our 6 month braces treatment.

Choosing to get 6 month braces treatment has gotten a perfect smile for the patients at Rapid Braces fast. Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation so we can get a good look at your teeth and develop an individualized plan for straight teeth.