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How to Handle an Orthodontic Emergency

Taking good care of your mouth and braces throughout your entire orthodontic treatment is the best way to avoid an orthodontic emergency. At Rapid Braces we realize that sometimes an emergency situation can’t be avoided even if you take care of your braces exactly how your orthodontist tells you to. The most common orthodontic emergencies that we see in our office include poking wires, broken braces, lost retainers and loose brackets. In the event of one of these issues the best step is to get an appointment with Rapid Braces scheduled as quickly as possible. Dr. Georgaklis is the one who developed your cosmetic orthodontic treatment plan and will know the best way to resolve the situation.

The following are some tips on how to best avoid ever having to deal with an orthodontic emergency:

Watch what you eat

Avoiding foods that have the potential to damage your braces is essential for anyone undergoing adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment. Anything that is crunchy, chewy or sticky can break the brackets and bend the wires of your braces. Keeping your braces in good shape is important to keeping your treatment on track and finishing up with a perfect smile.

A little bit of pain is normal

Experiencing some pain and discomfort while wearing braces is a normal part of the orthodontic treatment process. Our mouths can be particularly sensitive after just getting the braces put on. If any pain doesn’t subside over a few days it is best to schedule an appointment with Dr. G so he can take a look and pinpoint exactly what is causing the pain.

You can still play sports

Getting braces doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing your favorite sports. At Rapid Braces we recommend all orthodontic patients wear a mouthguard when participating in an athletic activity. Wearing a mouthguard will protect your teeth and braces from sustaining any damage due to an unforeseen collision.

By following the tips listed above and properly cleaning your teeth you will be able to avoid most of the orthodontic emergencies that are seen by Rapid Braces. It is important to get in touch with Rapid Braces as quickly as possible in the event of an actual emergency to ensure your treatment time doesn’t change and you stay on track to getting a perfect smile.