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Best Ways to Keep Clear Braces Sparkling Clean

Best Ways to Keep Clear Braces Sparkling Clean

Choosing Clear Braces for your 6 Month Braces treatment is one of the best ways to get your teeth straightened fast. Clear Braces us clear bands and wiring so your braces can stay hidden while they transform your smile. Many people are used to having to wear braces for much longer but recent advancements in cosmetic orthodontics has made getting a beautiful smile much easier.

Getting your braces off and seeing your beautiful smile is something that all of our patients can’t wait for when they get their braces on but there is still some work to do. It’s important to keep your teeth and braces clean while you’re wearing your braces to make sure your smile looks as good as you’ve imagined. Here are some tips that will help you keep your teeth clean while wearing clear 6 Month Braces.

Brush Your Teeth Often

Brushing your teeth regularly is important but it’s even more important when you’re wearing braces. Clear braces may be almost invisible but they still offer a number of places for food to get stuck and cause a problem. Quickly brushing your teeth after every meal and making sure to take the time to brush thoroughly in the morning and at night is the best way to keep your teeth clean with braces.

Floss Regularly

Like brushing, flossing is a great way to keep your mouth clean. Flossing can help you get to some hard to reach places that a toothbrush can’t with the fine thread. It’s important not to pull too hard on your floss to avoid damaging your braces.

Stay Away from Specific Foods

Everyone who’s ever had braces knows you need to avoid hard, sticky foods like candy, popcorn, Peanuts, etc. but there are some others that can cause problems with clear braces. Due to the transparent nature, clear braces can get stained so staying away from foods or drinks that can stain your teeth like blueberries or red wine is a good idea.

Visit Dentist for Regular Cleanings

Getting 6 Month Braces is a big step towards getting a beautiful smile that you can show off to the world but that smile still needs to be cared for. Visiting your Dentist for regular cleanings and Cosmetic Orthodontist for regular checkups while undergoing 6 Month Braces treatment in Boston is essential. Contact Rapid Braces to schedule an initial consultation so you can learn more about how you can get straight teeth in 6 months or less.