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Get Straight Teeth with Lingual Braces

Getting a perfect smile can be important to someone for a number of reasons. Having straight teeth will improve your bite, keep your mouth clean, help you avoid persistent pain and raise your self-confidence in social settings. At Rapid Braces we offer a number of different Boston braces options so patients can choose the type of braces that works best for them. Traditional metal braces, clear braces and lingual braces can all get you straight teeth in 6 months or less at Rapid Braces. Of those 3 different options, lingual braces are the type that many of our patients hadn’t even considered prior to starting orthodontic treatment.

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Lingual braces are a modern braces alternative that are placed behind the teeth as opposed to the front. Because of this, lingual braces provide an excellent cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces. Patients looking to get a perfect smile without all the extra attention can keep their braces hidden behind their teeth. We often hear stories from patients about how they got through the entire orthodontic treatment process without their friends even realizing they’d been wearing braces.

To start lingual braces treatment the experts at Rapid Braces in Brookline will first need to get an impression of your teeth. The impression is then brought to an orthodontic lab where a set of custom brackets that will fit your teeth perfectly. Once the fitted brackets are delivered to Rapid Braces we can cement the lingual braces to the back of your teeth where they will remain invisible to anyone on the outside. It is also important to note that getting lingual braces is more expensive than other types of braces because of all the custom work done to fit the braces to your mouth perfectly.

After getting them put in your mouth, lingual braces will give you a perfect smile by applying a constant gentle pressure on your teeth. While undergoing lingual braces treatment at Rapid Braces your teeth will slowly be shifted into the proper position. The result is the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about for years without all the anxiety that comes with having everyone see all the metal in your mouth. Dr. Georgaklis uses the latest braces technology to get his patients perfect smiles fast. Call today to learn more about how to get started with Rapid Braces’ adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment today.