Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Straighten Teeth with Adult Braces

Orthodontists around the country agree that it’s never too late to get braces. Adults are beginning to start adult orthodontic treatment at all ages to get straight teeth and perfect smiles. The health benefits of adult braces, however, go way beyond the cosmetic improvements. Straight teeth will improve your bite as well as make it far easier to keep your mouth clean. As an adult, it is often much easier to afford braces. Recent advancements in how braces look and feel have also made the whole idea of undergoing cosmetic orthodontic treatment with adult braces much less intimidating.

A quick treatment time is a big reason that so many adults start adult orthodontic treatment with Rapid Braces. Dr. Georgaklis’ Rapid Braces technique is able to get patients completed with treatment in 6 months or less 90% of the time. With such a quick treatment time patients are able to get their adult braces off fast and experience the benefits of a perfect smile sooner. The days of having to suffer through years of wearing braces before being able to get them off are over.

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At Rapid Braces in Brookline we offer a variety of adult braces options so our patients have the ability to choose the type of braces that will be best for them. Our braces are intended to be lightweight and cosmetically-friendly. Our patients undergoing treatment with adult braces won’t have to worry about any unwanted attention drawn their way due to a mouth full clunky metal. Clear braces have clear brackets and bands so other people will be unable to see them in your mouth. Lingual braces are worn behind the teeth so they can’t be seen from the outside. Invisalign uses clear aligners that need to be changed as the position of your teeth begins to change.

Adult braces are becoming more popular than ever. People are realizing that there is no reason to continue wishing for a perfect smile when there are a number of options available to make the dream a reality. Rapid Braces strives to give patients the best adult orthodontic experience possible by offering a shorter treatment time and variety of braces options to patients. Call Rapid Braces today to learn more about how we are changing the way orthodontic treatment is done.