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Getting Invisible Braces

Things Every Adult Should Consider When Getting Invisible Braces

Some of you may be on the fence about getting braces as an adult. After all, there’s a commitment to stick with them, and you’ll have to wear them for quite a while. Yet, in the end, wearing these invisible braces will help to straighten out your teeth. In addition, having more aligned teeth between the top and bottom will ensure your teeth last much longer, as they won’t have any issues with biting or chewing.

Be careful of what you’re drinking

Invisible braces are there to help those who may be self-conscious about the fact they are wearing braces as an adult, although it’s not something to be ashamed of. Either way, if you want to keep it clear, you’ll want to avoid liquids and foods that can stain them as often as possible. Items such as tea or red wine are excellent items for causing a stain and will start to get into some areas of the braces stained.

It is a commitment

As mentioned earlier, getting braces, especially as an adult is a commitment. It can be up to 3 years in some cases, depending on how much alignment your teeth will need. Regardless that commitment is well worth it, and eventually, you get used to it over the long run. Keep in mind that many factors, besides the amount of alignment needed, go into determining how long you really need to keep your invisible braces in there. Over 90% of cases are finished in 6 months or less at Rapid Braces so you can get your adult braces off quickly. Another thing to understand is that there are some choices of braces that can be partially removed. Yet these parts still need to be worn up to 20+ hours per day. The times you can take them off (if you have specialized braces that are partially detachable) are to eat, floss, and brush your teeth. Yet if you keep them off any longer, the process will simply take longer.

Your current dental history doesn’t matter in many cases

This specifically refers to if you have crowns, missing teeth, or even veneers. Braces will work in all of these situations and, in fact, are recommended, as they will help to preserve your teeth in their current form. Some additional steps may need to be taken, but your experienced orthodontist will know all the best solutions.

You may speak differently

This is especially true if you get your braces inside of your teeth. In some cases, you have a structure around your teeth that can interview with your tongue and cause a partial lisp. Don’t worry; this is also temporary and can subside or be reduced even while wearing braces.

Always consider braces

In the end, if you have the option to wear braces, they really will help your tooth hygiene in the long run, and if you’re in the Massachusetts area, then consider reaching out to us to get an initial consultation, and we can begin your journey for straighter, better teeth.