Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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6 months braces schedule

6 Month Braces on Schedule

Braces. Just the thought of them can leave some people in visible pain. The process of having brackets attached to one’s teeth so that light pressure can be applied to straighten them is a hassle. Add the nagging pain of having all that metal in your mouth and the almost constant appointments over a few years and you can see why some people are hesitant to get a better smile. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the whole braces process done with quickly to avoid drawing out getting straighter teeth?

At Rapid Braces we offer the highest quality braces and the promise that your treatment will be complete in just 6 months. Dr. Clifton Georgaklis of Rapid Braces developed his 6 month braces technique in 1999 and has since changed how adult orthodontics is practiced across the country. Dr. G’s goal is to give every patient the best smile possible. His rapid braces offer more control than other options available so changes to the treatment can be made for specific patients.

Dr. G. understands that the most important part of his Rapid Braces service in Brookline is speed. We avoid modifying the molar bite, normally a 1-2 year process, if it does not pose a problem to getting you straighter teeth. By putting the majority of our attention on the front teeth that actually affect how straight your teeth appear we are able to cut the treatment time down.

Other orthodontists that offer similar 6 month services are often unable to complete their treatment in the quick timeframe. Dr. Georgaklis was the first to develop the technique and many competitors are still trying to catch up. Because of this many of their claims of quick treatment are false. Dr. Georgaklis strives to give each patient individualized orthodontic service and is able to finish over 90 percent of his cases in 6 months.

Our 6 month Rapid Braces service is the best way to get straighter teeth fast. The entire staff at Rapid Braces is committed to giving you the best smile possible. If additional treatment is required we also provide gum shaping and teeth whitening in our Brookline office. The cost of treatment will also be less than more traditional orthodontic work due to the shorter time frame. We care about helping our patients get straighter teeth fast.