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Aesthetically Pleasing Options to Straighten Your Teeth

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Today, more and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment for a perfect smile. Braces are becoming increasingly popular and countless individuals are realizing their dreams of having straight teeth. Patients are happy to learn that a number of different braces options have been developed that won’t leave them trying to hide their face. The days of getting your mouth taken over a clunky metal apparatus are over. After completing treatment patients almost always report back to their orthodontists with stories of renewed self-confidence and no longer being afraid to show their faces in social situations. The following is a list of the aesthetically pleasing braces options available with Rapid Braces in Brookline.

A system of custom aligner trays are used to complete the invisalign treatment. The trays are put on over the teeth and move the teeth little by little to straighten them out. As your treatment progresses new trays will be made to continue the straightening. Invisalign trays are clear as well so you will be able to keep on smiling without metal brackets in your mouth.

Clear Braces:
Clear braces are a cost-effective and flexible braces option. These braces use clear brackets so that your braces won’t stand out. Patients can feel comfortable showing their smile while they undergo treatment with clear braces. Clear braces also move teeth with a bit more force than invisalign making them ideal for more difficult cases.

Lingual Braces:
With lingual braces the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of the teeth. They will remain hidden on the inside of your mouth for the duration of your treatment. Many patients report that their friends had no idea they were receiving orthodontic treatment while they were wearing lingual braces.

As you can see, there are a number of different aesthetically pleasing options to get straighter teeth. Each treatment option is perfect for a different type of case. Dr. Georgaklis and his expert staff have years of experience giving patients perfect smiles in the Boston area. Call our office today to learn more about all of our braces treatment options.