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Avoid Unwanted Attention with Boston Invisible Braces

Over the past several years, Rapid Braces has seen the demand for alternatives to traditional metal braces skyrocket. Patients want orthodontic treatment that will be comfortable, unobtrusive, and completed quickly. The main reason is so that they can continue on with their lives with as little disruption as possible while wearing braces. Dr. Georgaklis at Rapid Braces takes all his patients’ requests into account and has been at the forefront of modern braces alternatives for over 20 years. At Rapid Braces he is able to provide a number of different alternatives to traditional metal braces that will keep patients comfortable during orthodontic treatment and out the door with a perfect smile fast.

alternatives to traditional braces

Of the alternatives to traditional braces that are offered at Rapid Braces, invisible braces have become the most popular. Boston invisible braces or “lingual braces” are worn behind the teeth so they cannot be seen from the outside. Like Invisalign, it will be very difficult for anyone to detect that you are wearing braces. Unlike Invisalign, however, Boston invisible braces offer great control of the teeth and a treatment time that usually works out to be half as long. Invisible braces are custom-made to fit into each patient’s mouth and offer the most personalized adult orthodontic treatment available.

One of the biggest reasons that so many patients are getting perfect smiles with Boston invisible braces is the quick treatment time. At Rapid Braces we offer Dr. G’s personal 6 month braces treatment technique and are able to complete 90% of our cases in 6 months or less. We are able to do this by offering the most cutting-edge techniques for straight teeth and the most personalized orthodontic treatment in the area. Dr. G makes sure to have enough time available to meet with each patient that comes in for an appointment and make any changes as necessary. It is extremely important to not miss any scheduled appointments to finish orthodontic treatment in 6 months or less.

Schedule an appointment at our Brookline office to get your braces treatment started. The first step is to get an initial consultation with Dr. G so he can see what position your teeth are in as well as if there are any other problems that need to be addressed. Once he’s familiar with your mouth he can put together a number of treatment options for you to choose from. We will present all the different braces options that are available and you can choose which one will work best for you. Each method has different pros and cons that the expert staff at Rapid Braces will be happy to go over with you until you are comfortable making your decision. Call Rapid Braces to get 6 month Boston invisible braces treatment today.

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Get Braces Behind Teeth at Rapid Braces

Boston braces behind teeth

At Rapid Braces in Brookline, we offer a number of different modern braces alternatives for adults looking for a more comfortable braces option. Orthodontic practices have made huge strides in recent years and can now provide orthodontic treatment that is quicker and easier to patients of any age. New braces techniques that allow for easier cleaning, a more comfortable experience, and are less obtrusive patients are available to patients at Rapid Braces.

One type of modern braces option that has given patients perfect smiles is lingual braces that are worn behind the teeth. Lingual braces are carefully put in behind your teeth so they will remain out of view from the outside and offer good control over the position of your teeth. Your teeth will gradually be straightened out over time like traditional metal braces but no one will know your going through orthodontic treatment while you’re wearing them.

The following are some benefits of getting braces behind your teeth for a perfect smile at Rapid Braces Brookline office:

1. State-of-the-art adult orthodontic technology: Lingual braces are the result of recent advancements in the orthodontic field. They are put in behind the teeth so they won’t be able to be seen by anyone and attract unwanted attention to your mouth.

2. Personalized treatment: Dr. Georgaklis keeps his daily appointments to a minimum so he can give his patients individualized treatment for the best results. With a significant amount of time allotted for each scheduled appointment Dr. G. can monitor progress closely and make necessary changes as they are required.

3. A comfortable orthodontic treatment option: Behind the teeth braces are designed to be put into a patient’s mouth seamlessly and offer an maximum level of comfort. Some pain immediately after getting your lingual braces put in is to be expected but after that it is rare that any pain is reported.

4. Keep your mouth clean: Behind the teeth braces allow for easier and more complete cleaning than traditional metal braces. You can be sure you keep your front teeth clean while getting your teeth straightened out with braces behind your teeth.

Lingual braces in Boston offer a cutting-edge solution for adults to get straight teeth fast. Call in today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about getting a perfect smile fast.

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