Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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Cosmetic Orthodontics for Adults in Cambridge

The Boston area has a lot of dentists & orthodontists but not all of them offer a Six Month Braces which you can find here at Rapid Braces. Rapid Braces offers Six Month Braces to adults living in Cambridge. If you’re thinking about a straighter smile but you’re not so sure where to go, we can help! Here are some of the benefits of Invisible Braces for Adults:

cambridge adult orthodonticsMaintain your appearance while only making it better – With Cambridge Invisible Cosmetic Orthodontics you can skip the look of braces while hiding them but still getting the same amazing benefits. Our team here at Rapid Braces is here to help you maintain your quality of life while enhancing it in the process. Since lingual braces location behind your teeth make them invisible you don’t have to worry about smiling and showing your braces!
Precise outcome – Out team here at Rapid Braces has the experience to get you a beautiful smile fast. Our Invisible Braces make it so you can get the smile you deserve by using careful planning and top of the line technology. We can let you know about all the options for 6 month braces treatment after an initial consultation we schedule to get a good look at how your teeth are aligned.
Get straight teeth fast – Lingual Braces from Rapid Braces can give you straight teeth in 6 months or less. Our team has experience with extreme cases and we are prepared to deliver you the straight smile you deserve, which is why we call it our Six Month Smile! More than four million individuals in the United States currently have braces, so they are not an uncommon thing. However, some situations involving the straightening of the smile can’t be fixed with traditional methods.
Impossible to lose – Since Cambridge lingual braces are fixed to your teeth unlike other straightening methods that require you to remove trays you can’t lose them! The braces are applied to the backside of your teeth and typically stay there through the duration of your cosmetic endeavor. Since they are stuck to your teeth you can also avoid the hassle of taking them out to eat or drink.
Less staining opportunities – If you’re a big coffee drinker then you know that coffee can stain your teeth. Though you can still get some staining with Cambridge lingual braces, you won’t be able to see it unless you open your mouth wide. By keeping the braces hidden it lessens the chance for stain spots on your teeth.

Here at Rapid Braces, we offer a wide variety of services dealing with the most extreme cases to the simplest of cases but our team is well equipped for all of them. If you’re thinking about getting a straight smile through our Six Month Smile consider these a reason to do so!