Straight Teeth in Six Months
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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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Patient Comfort a Priority at Rapid Braces

At Rapid Braces in Brookline we treat a number of patients who have tried to get Boston orthodontic treatment with other practices. Most of them complain of awkward metal braces, painful teeth, and obnoxious appointment times that they were unable to keep up with. Before too long all the trouble wasn’t worth it and they had to stop their treatment without getting the perfect smile that they’ve always dreamed of. The expert staff at Rapid Braces knows how difficult it is to wear braces as an adult and strives to make the entire Boston orthodontic treatment process as comfortable as possible for patients of all ages.

The biggest reason Rapid Braces is able to offer the most comfortable orthodontic experience in the Boston area are the multiple cutting-edge braces alternatives we offer. These modern Boston braces alternatives were designed to be comfortable to wear, easy to keep clean, and remain hidden while you are wearing them. Many of our patients are hesitant to begin Boston orthodontic treatment because of all the unwanted attention metal braces attract. We offer behind the teeth braces, invisible braces, and invisalign at Rapid Braces in Brookline so every patient can find the perfect orthodontic option for them.

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We also ensure that scheduled appointments with Dr. Georgaklis are comfortable for our patients as well. Dr. G makes it a point to schedule less patient appointments each day so he can give each patient the attention they deserve. More time allows for a more personalized orthodontic treatment than most practices offer and faster results. At each scheduled orthodontic appointment Dr. G will monitor the progress of your treatment and make any adjustments that are necessary.

Fast orthodontic treatment time is another reason why many adults are choosing to get straight teeth at Rapid Braces. Dr. G developed the 6 month braces technique almost 20 years ago and has been making improvements ever since. Today he is able to complete 90% of the orthodontic cases that he takes on with his 6 month braces treatment option. We are able to achieve such fast results by paying attention to every small detail and focusing on the end result of your treatment. Call Rapid Braces today to get started with Boston’s best orthodontic treatment for adults.