Straight Teeth in Six Months
Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200

Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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What is different about 6 month braces?

6 month braces is a short term orthodontic treatment that focuses on the front teeth so long as the bite is functional. What is different about 6 month braces is that in the past, orthodontics was used to treat children with bite problems, facial profile problems, and other bone problems. Most adults want straight front teeth for cosmetic reasons, and we find that bite problems are very rare. 6 month braces is a targeted solution to a cosmetic problem that is long overdue. This different 6 month process streamlines adult orthodontics by not moving the molar teeth which are deeply entrenched in thick bone which is hard to move, and hard to maintain once teeth have been moved.
If you are an adult considering straightening your teeth we highly recommend you get a free 6 month braces consultation with Dr Georgaklis. Get many opinions. 6 month braces is appropriate for the vast majority of cases, and if you view our finished results you will see that our standards are high. Often there are other different techniques that are combined with 6 month braces to give a superb result such as reshaping of teeth and gums, modifying the shapes, lengths, and even thickness of teeth, as well as color. A top cosmetic dentist must have a keen eye for these components of a perfect smile and have experience putting them together.

You will be impressed at your 6 month braces consult after seeing our work and hearing a comprehensive evaluation of your smile and your mouth. Dr G often identifies problems other dentists and orthodontists miss or will not explain to you. Our philosophy is that an informed patient makes the best decision and is invested in their result as much as we are. We want you involved and thrilled with your 6 month braces result. You will be. Call for a free consult now at 617.277.5200.