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Using Orthodontic Techniques for Straight Teeth

Dr. Clifton Georgaklis has revolutionized dentistry with his 6-Month Braces. He uses his own techniques and knowledge combined with orthodontic techniques to create Rapid Braces.

Most orthodontists will tell you that you’ll need at least two years to get straight teeth. Dr. G can make it happen in six months. Orthodonotristry focuses on the treatment of improper bites and misaligned jaws, with straightening teeth as an added visual aesthetic. At Rapid Braces, getting straight teeth is the focus. Typical orthodontists see between 50 and 100 patients per DAY, but Dr. G only sees 8 to 12. He gives each of his patients a personalized experience.

The 6-Month Braces technique has two options: clear braces or invisible braces. Clear braces are done with transparent materials and plastered on your teeth like normal braces; but invisible braces are attached to the back of your tooth so they aren’t visible.

Rapid Braces can fix a number of different problems with the alignment of your teeth to give you the best possible smile. We’ve closed gaps, moved teeth to the right position, straightened crooked teeth and even spaced out crowded teeth. The experts at Rapid Braces are able to complete over 90% of cases in six months. Just read some of our patient testimonials to hear more!

“I will never forget your promise to me that the treatment would take 6 months. I have to admit I did not believe you. My hopes were that the treatment would be completed within a year. You amazed me by finishing in just 5 months!…If there were slogans in orthodontics, yours should be ‘underpromise, then over-deliver.’ Thank you so much for improving my teeth, my smile and my life.” —Hans Brings, Waltham, MA


“I have never been happy with my smile because of crooked teeth. I have seen many orthodontists and they have all said 2 years. I met a man who told me this particular dentist could straighten teeth in just 6 months. While sitting in the waiting room, I looked at pictures of previous patients and said to myself, ‘this man is not an orthodontist, he is a miracle worker.’ The day my braces came off, my smile looked so magnificent I could have cried. I felt like a totally changed woman. I would have never have gotten braces if I had to wear them for 2 years. Who says you’re too old to get braces and change your life? Dr. G. You are my hero!” —Dannetta Smith, Boston, MA


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Can I Eat Halloween Candy with Braces?

Can I Eat Halloween Candy with Braces?

Trick or treat! After a night out going door to door collecting candy with your children, younger siblings or friends, you find yourself sticking your hand in the bowl to treat yourself. But wait! You have braces! Can you eat that?

Most orthodontists will say NO! Don’t eat candy! Dr. Georgaklis wants you to know that there are definitely candies to avoid, but some could be okay. Dr. G introduced Rapid Braces, using practices provided by Brookline area orthodontists to give patients straight teeth within six months. If you’re a patient of Dr. G’s, you wouldn’t want to prolong that process, right? Here’s a few tips for safe Halloween candy to eat with braces.

  • DO eat chocolate! It’s the softest candy and melts in your mouth so you don’t need to worry about it getting stuck on your braces. Try to avoid frozen chocolate, solid chocolate bars or chocolate with nuts or caramel. That’s when things get messy.
  • DO eat mint candies! Buttermints, peppermints, Junior Mints or Peppermint Patties are totally okay. It’s okay to suck on a hard candy, but resist the urge to bite down.
  • DO opt for other options like soft cookies or cupcakes. You may not find these options while trick or treating, but look for them at Halloween themed parties.
  • DON’T eat anything gummy, chewy or sticky. The consistency makes it almost impossible to clean from braces. Even harder chews are not okay – they could get stuck to the metal and ruin it.
  • DON’T eat small coated candies like M&Ms or Skittles. The sugary shells break into small pieces, getting stuck in hard to reach spots on your braces.

It’s important to remember you have your braces on and are on your way to having a perfect smile! Don’t ruin it with candy! 6 Month Braces treatment time will increase if pieces get stuck in your braces or you have to have something replaced. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. G and the expert staff at Rapid Braces if something doesn’t feel right with your braces, we’re here to help. And remember, candy gives you cavities!

If you’re looking for Rapid Braces, invisible braces or just have any questions, Dr. Georgaklis is your go-to guy for Brookline 6 Month Braces. Other orthodontists in the area can’t offer personalized 6 Month Braces treatment like Rapid Braces. For more information, contact Dr. Georgaklis.


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Invisalign Alternatives

Keep a Clear Smile When You Go Back to School

It’s that time of year again when students of all ages are going back to school. Children start a new grade and adults may be beginning a new career path. In either situation, the first day of school can be nerve-wracking. This feeling can intensify if you recently were told you needed braces. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying your first day back to school! Dr. Georgaklis offers many alternative options to help you feel more confident. And he has even revolutionized the practice with his Rapid Braces method — most patients can be treated in just six months.

Here at Rapid Braces, we offer a variety of options aimed to match the customers direct needs. Dr Georgaklis specializes in fitting the customer with not only a fast option, but a cosmetically appealing one. We understand that Invisalign is not cut out for everyone’s budget or natural mold. The expert staff at Rapid Braces offer a variety of options that give the patient the power to select a method that works with their budget and ideal time frame.  We offer lingual (behind the teeth braces), along with the option of clear front braces with invisible brackets and wires.

Lingual Braces 

Lingual braces, are behind the teeth braces, meaning that the brackets, wires and cement are placed on the tongue side of your mouth leaving your smile untouched. This option is popular amongst adults who want straight teeth but don’t want to show off their braces. Lingual, ‘incognito,’ braces do not require the timely maintenance and management of  a series of plastic retainers like Invisalign, and are even said to be more discrete. Once in place, these braces work just like regular ones. These are a better option than Invisalign because Dr. G will have full control over teeth movement and maintenance. Plus, they don’t need to be replaces like the retainers for Invisalign do.


Clear Braces 

Cleveland Circle Dental Associates offer a clear braces option, where the brackets and wires are see through and subtle. This option is much more affordable than Invisalign, and can be completed at a faster rate. Dr. Georgaklis recommends clear braces to many patients because they are cost effective and provide great results in a short period of time. Some patients would rather consider clear retainers like Invisalign, but these don’t use the same force as real braces do. They sit over your teeth, instead of attached to them, which makes them less effective and require more treatment time.

Dr. G works with every patient on a personal basis. He will meet with you for an initial consultation to hear your concerns, talk about budget and other options. Whether you’re going back to school, starting a new job or just afraid to have braces, Dr. G will make sure you feel confident in his hands! Contact us today to get started on your new smile!


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Straight Teeth Fast with Boston Speed Braces


Feeling unconfident with your smile?

Have a wedding or graduation coming up? Want to drastically improve your confidence and self image in under 6 months? Yale Graduate Dr. Clifton Georgaklis, founder of Rapid Braces, is dedicated to every patient to ensure that the process of creating your perfect smile is as smooth and as fast as possible. Many patients are looking for places to get fast orthodontic treatment, and like many Boston Orthodontists, Rapid Braces offers a number of different options custom to your needs. We understand that the concept of adult braces is not ideal, but our treatment for adults surpasses the complexity of traditional adult orthodontic treatment.

Scared to start adult orthodontic treatment due to length of procedure, and uncomfortable and unappealing equipment?

There is no shame in wanting a perfect teeth. Here at Rapid Braces, we treat patients of all ages and are dedicated to giving you the confidence and look that you’ve always wanted. Here at Rapid Braces, our process is neither scary, painful nor unattractive. One of our treatment options  consists of inserting a clear or metallic braces behind your teeth, creating minimal maintenance and clutter that you get from traditional braces. We understand your smile is essential to all aspects of your life, which is why our process is affordable, easy and FAST. Start seeing that smile you have always dreamed of having within the first 6 months of treatment! Wow your co-workers, impress your friends, and get that smile you’ve always wanted with Rapid Braces. Theres no time to waste, get that perfect smile today.

Rapid Braces is your solution to a perfect smile in less than 6 months. Period.

Get in touch for a consultation and take the next steps in controlling your confidence. During a quick appointment, Dr. Georgaklis and our team will get a good look at how your teeth are aligned and provide you with a plan to getting a perfect smile. We hope to see you at our office at 1798 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02445. Don’t wait, make an appointment today!

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Am I Too Old for Braces?

boston braces for adults

Getting a perfect smile has come a long way since we were kids. At Rapid Braces, we feel that process of straightening teeth with braces should be as fast as possible for individuals of all ages. At Rapid Braces in Brookline, MA we offer a number of different state-of-the-art adult braces solutions. Our modern braces alternatives are designed to get you straight teeth fast without filling your mouth with uncomfortable metal brackets. Dr. Clifton Georgaklis is the inventor of the 6 month Rapid Braces program.

Straightening your teeth as an adult is a great way to boost confidence before a big event. Many adults are embarrassed with how their smile looks but hesitant to get orthodontic treatment. Adult braces from Rapid Braces have helped many adults get the smile they’ve always wanted fast. Feeling confident about your smile can make a huge difference in how you feel at a big event like a graduation or wedding. Not being afraid to show your teeth has also been proven to help in social situation and professional settings.

State-of-the-Art Adult Braces

Our Rapid Braces program has earned international respect from professionals in the field for our unique approach. Over 90% of the cases we have taken on have been completed in 6 months or less with the 6 Month Braces treatment method. Whether you need a drastic change or a mild straightening, we offer various enamel shaping and repair options as well to enhance your smile.

Rapid Braces offers a variety of flexible plans for adult braces patients. Techniques such as invisible braces, clear braces and behind the teeth braces can address even the most severe cases. More and more adults are realizing they can get the smile that they’ve always wanted fast with our 6 Month Braces option. We also understand that many adults have busy schedules and do our best to be accommodating with appointment times. It is important that anyone receiving our 6 Month Braces treatment plan attend all scheduled appointments if they wish to get their braces off as soon as possible.

Dr. G and his team are ready to help you feel great about your smile. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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How to Decide if you Need Braces

do i need braces

There are a number of different reasons that you might get braces. Some people need braces to fix an uncomfortable bite. Others decide to get them because they know they’d be more confident with a perfect smile. Choosing to get braces as an adult can be a tough choice but is often the best option for your oral health and cosmetic appearance. Rapid Braces in Brookline has been providing adults with expert orthodontic treatment and is the right choice for anyone who wants straight teeth fast.

The orthodontic experts at Rapid Braces have experience treating patients of all ages. We know that orthodontic treatment can be scary for patients of any age and do our best to keep appointments as short as possible. Coming to all scheduled appointments is necessary for Dr. G to make any adjustments during treatment and get the best possible results from your braces. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

Choosing to get braces as an adults can be a difficult decision. Most people have heard stories from their friends about how painful wearing braces can be and the numerous trips to the orthodontist’s office. These stories have scared many people away from getting the smile of their dreams. Rapid Braces, however, is aiming to change how people think about braces with the 6 month braces treatment method. Our 6 month braces method is able to complete more than 90% of the cases we take on in 6 months or less. Our patients are often amazed at great their teeth look after just 6 months of treatment.

Rapid Braces understands that many adults don’t have the time to get their teeth straightened out. Many individuals have extremely busy schedules with little time for regular appointments or dealing with painful braces. Adult orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces is fast and uses modern braces alternatives that are both comfortable and easy to keep hidden. Our lingual braces are braces that are put behind your teeth so only people you tell will know that they are there. Clear braces use clear bands so that they blend in with the rest of your mouth and won’t attract much attention. Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment method that uses clear aligner plates that need to be gradually changed to keep your teeth moving into the ideal position.

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Comfortable Braces Options at Rapid Braces

do i need braces

One thing that scares patients away when they are determining whether they need braces or not are stories of orthodontic emergencies. They’ve heard horrific tales from their friends about waking up in the middle of the night with a broken bracket or uncomfortable sore. According to the storyteller, this type of problem regularly requires being rushed to the orthodontist to fix the issue before things get worse. At Rapid Braces we hear horror stories recounted by patients often and want all of our patients to know that we offer braces that are more comfortable and easier to take care of than ever. Ensuring you take proper care of your mouth and braces is the best way to avoid an orthodontic emergency.

At Rapid Braces office in Brookline, we offer many modern braces alternatives that are designed to make the process of getting a perfect smile easier. Patients no longer have to worry about years of painful treatment with expert orthodontic care from Rapid Braces. Behind the teeth braces, invisible braces, lingual braces, clear braces and Invisalign are all available at Rapid Braces. These options have been proven to be less obtrusive than traditional metal braces. They also allow patients to be able to smile without letting the world know they’re getting their teeth straightened with braces that stay out of sight.

It is also important to make sure your mouth stays clean and your braces stay fastened to your teeth correctly. If something does go wrong it is best to contact Dr. G to get it fixed as soon as possible so your smile looks as good as it can after completing treatment. Rapid Braces asks that all patients arrive on time for scheduled appointments so Dr. G will have the time to give each patient the attention that they deserve.

Schedule a visit to the Rapid Braces office in Brookline to learn if our expert Boston orthodontic treatment is right for you. Many patients are unsure if they need braces before starting treatment. An initial consultation with Dr. G will give us a good idea of how your teeth are aligned and what options exist to get you straight teeth fast.

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Straight Teeth with Boston Braces for Adults

Rapid Braces has been offering fast orthodontic treatment to patients in the Greater Boston area for over 20 years. Dr. G invented the 6 month braces treatment option and has been able to finish more than 90% of the orthodontic cases he takes on in 6 months or less. A number of different Boston braces options are available at the Rapid Braces office in Brookline. Behind the teeth braces, clear braces and Invisalign are all available so adults can find the braces that work best for them.

fast adult braces

Often the thought of getting braces put on scares many adults away from starting orthodontic treatment. A potential patient may have dreamed about getting a perfect smile for their entire lives but undergoing orthodontic treatment that can last up to 3 years is not normally a possibility. Dr. G developed the 6 month braces treatment option after seeing many adults decide not to start treatment because of the lengthy treatment times. With the 6 month braces technique, Dr. G and his expert staff focus on the end result of the treatment to get you the results that you want fast. Now more adults than ever are getting the smile of their dreams with Rapids Braces’ 6 month braces technique.

So many adults are choosing Rapid Braces for an improved smile because of the personalized service that we offer. We understand that patients have busy schedules and ensuring that our treatment plans won’t interrupt any other obligations is a top priority. The modern adult braces alternatives that we offer are the most comfortable braces options yet. Many of the types of braces available at Rapid Braces are also very easy to keep hidden from others so patients concerned about how their mouth will look with braces don’t need to worry. Behind the teeth braces are placed on the inside of a patient’s mouth so they won’t be visible to anyone on the outside. Clear braces and Invisalign both utilize a clear plastic material that is practically invisible.

Schedule an initial consultation at Rapid Braces to get started with our 6 month braces adult orthodontic treatment. At the first meeting, Dr. G will personally meet with you so he can get a good look at how your teeth are aligned and get to know you. Rapid Braces schedules fewer daily appointments so we are able to give our patients the most individualized adult orthodontic treatment in the Boston area. Come visit to get straight teeth fast.

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Show Off Your Smile with 6 Month Braces

One of the first things that people notice when you first meet them is your smile. Being confident to show your smile off is important and can have a number of benefits. Smiling has been proven to have a positive impact on the people around you and can play a bigger part in success than you might think. Having straight teeth can impact one’s ability to get a job and comfort level in social situations. Boston braces are available to patients at any age at Rapid Braces, so everyone can get a perfect smile fast.

6 month braces

Crooked teeth can be straightened out at any age for a better smile. A number of new methods for getting straight teeth have been developed recently so more and more adults are getting braces. Rapid Braces offers a few of these braces alternatives that we have found to be the most successful. Lingual braces, clear braces, and Invisalign are all available for our patients and have helped us get fantastic results fast. These alternate braces options are all much more comfortable than traditional metal braces and easier to keep hidden. Adults won’t have to worry keeping braces that are almost impossible to see in the first place hidden.

Closing the gaps between your teeth can help you avoid more serious issues in the future. Misaligned teeth are much more likely to have plaque and food buildup between your teeth. The food buildup will lead to tooth decay and can also be a precursor to more serious issues such as gum disease. Patients who get perfect smiles at Rapid Braces will be able to easily keep their mouths clean.

The number one reason that so many adults are getting braces put on for a better smile is the improved treatment time. In the past, getting braces meant signing up for 2 to 3 years of wearing annoying metal brackets in your mouth and frequent orthodontist appointments. The lengthy treatment and overall discomfort are things that many adults aren’t able to take on so Dr. G developed the 6 Month Braces treatment method. He puts an emphasis on the end result so more time is spent getting your teeth into perfect position and you can finish treatment fast. 90% of patients at Rapid Braces are able to get their braces off in 6 months or less using the 6 Month Braces method developed by Dr. G.

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Get the Best Boston Braces Results at Rapid Braces

best boston braces results

At Rapid Braces you can get a straight, radiant smile at any age. Our expert staff understands how hesitant some adults are about the idea of braces and work hard to give you the best Boston braces experience. Dr. Georgaklis has spent years developing his 6 month braces technique. He saw how difficult agreeing to start lengthy orthodontic treatment was for some adults and wanted to make it easier to get straight teeth. With Dr. G’s 6 month braces method, Rapid Braces is able to complete more than 90% of the cases it takes on in 6 months or less.

Our individualized treatment options are the biggest reason so many Boston area patients choose Rapid Braces to get a perfect smile. Dr. G schedules more time around appointments so he has enough time to offer all of his patients an individualized service. With more time for each appointment Dr. G is able to make adjustments during treatment that will lead to better results fast. The staff at Rapid Braces strives to offer patients convenient appointment times so they can get braces that work with their busy schedule.

We also offer a number of different modern braces alternatives at Rapid Braces so that every patient can find an orthodontic treatment option that works for them. All of our braces alternatives have been proven to be more comfortable and easier to hide than traditional metal braces. Getting braces put on can make you the recipient of unwanted attention that can be avoided with our discrete braces options. We have the following braces treatments available:

  • Invisalign
  • Clear Braces
  • Behind the Teeth Braces
  • Invisible Braces

With so many modern braces options available we’re sure that we can find something that will work for everyone. Getting Boston braces in 2016 is easier than ever at Rapid Braces.

Give us a call today to get started with the best orthodontic treatment in the Boston area. We start each case that we take on with an initial orthodontic consultation. Dr. G and his trained staff can get to know you and take a look in your mouth to see how your teeth are aligned at this first meeting. After seeing exactly how your teeth are aligned Dr. G can present his findings and present different treatment options that are available. We will make sure to go over exactly how the gaps in your teeth will get closed and how long the treatment is expected to take as well. Find out how patients are getting perfect smiles fast with the 6 month braces method.

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