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Get Braces Off in 6 Months or Less

Many adults spend their entire lives wishing that they could have a better smile. Big gaps and crooked teeth can cause individuals to constantly worry about covering up their smile, leading to unwanted anxiety. The thought of getting braces to get a perfect smile is often enough to scare adults away due to the painful treatment and long treatment times. Luckily, today there are a number of adult orthodontic treatment options available that can fit into any adult’s busy lifestyle.

6 month orthodontic treatment

Dr. Georgaklis began developing the 6 month braces technique more than 20 years ago and has received acclaim from fellow orthodontists worldwide. The technique was created because Dr. G realized there was an overwhelming need for fast adult orthodontic treatment. Adults were too often choosing not to get braces because of the demanding appointment schedule and lengthy treatment time. In the past it would regularly take a patient between 1 and 3 years to get straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Using the 6 month braces method that he created, Dr. G is able to finish over 90% of his cases in 6 months or less.

Come visit Rapid Braces in Brookline to learn more about our 6 month braces treatment option. Our expert staff strives to offer the most personalized orthodontic treatment option in the Boston area. With individualized treatment plans in place we are able to closely monitor your teeth’s movement and make any changes that will lead to better end results and a quicker completion time. Each case that we take on will start with a consultation so Dr. G and his trained staff can get a good look at how your teeth are aligned and put together an adult orthodontic plan tailored specifically for your needs.

Get started with 6 month braces treatment at Rapid Braces and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get fantastic results. A better smile can significantly help with self-confidence. Former patients often drop by to let us know how happy they are with their new smile. Call Rapid Braces today to learn more about how to get started with the fastest and most comfortable adult orthodontic treatment in the Boston area.

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Straight Teeth with Invisalign Brookline

Many adults know that having straight teeth can significantly improve your self-confidence, self-image, and professional image. Misaligned and crowded teeth can be difficult to keep clean and make anyone feel intimidated in social situations. Starting adult orthodontic treatment to get straight teeth for a perfect smile can help any professional get on the track to success. Many adults, however, choose not to see a Boston orthodontist because getting braces is very time consuming, uncomfortable, and can hurt how they are perceived at work. Rapid Braces in Brookline aims to change how adults think about getting braces by offering a variety of modern braces alternatives and quick adult orthodontic treatment plans.

invisalign brookline

One of the most popular braces treatment options that is offered at Rapid Braces is Invisalign clear braces. With Invisalign, Dr. Georgaklis is able to straighten his patients teeth with a series of custom, clear aligner plates. The clear plates will be regularly replaced with new ones during Brookline adult orthodontic treatment to gradually realign your teeth. Each Brookline Invisalign aligner will be custom-made to fit in your mouth perfectly and gradually shift your teeth. The Invisalign aligners can also be removed at anytime like a retainer for eating, brushing, and flossing.

The biggest reason many patients choose to get a perfect smile with Invisalign Brookline at Rapid Braces is how they look with the aligners in their mouths. Invisalign aligners are clear so they won’t be noticeable to anyone when they are in your mouth. Patients can say goodbye to any unwanted attention that traditional metal braces would bring with Invisalign. Patients don’t need to feel scared about getting their teeth straightened with Invisalign.

Call Rapid Braces today to get started with a Brookline Invisalign treatment plan. Our adult orthodontic treatment programs all start with an initial orthodontic consultation so Dr. G and the expert staff at Rapid Braces can see how your teeth are aligned and get to know you. After getting a look at your mouth we can present a number of different treatment options so that you can choose the one that works best. Rapid Braces strives to offer the most personalized adult orthodontic service in the Boston area. Come visit today to find out how easy it is to get straight teeth with Invisalign Brookline at Rapid Braces.

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Patient Comfort a Priority at Rapid Braces

At Rapid Braces in Brookline we treat a number of patients who have tried to get Boston orthodontic treatment with other practices. Most of them complain of awkward metal braces, painful teeth, and obnoxious appointment times that they were unable to keep up with. Before too long all the trouble wasn’t worth it and they had to stop their treatment without getting the perfect smile that they’ve always dreamed of. The expert staff at Rapid Braces knows how difficult it is to wear braces as an adult and strives to make the entire Boston orthodontic treatment process as comfortable as possible for patients of all ages.

The biggest reason Rapid Braces is able to offer the most comfortable orthodontic experience in the Boston area are the multiple cutting-edge braces alternatives we offer. These modern Boston braces alternatives were designed to be comfortable to wear, easy to keep clean, and remain hidden while you are wearing them. Many of our patients are hesitant to begin Boston orthodontic treatment because of all the unwanted attention metal braces attract. We offer behind the teeth braces, invisible braces, and invisalign at Rapid Braces in Brookline so every patient can find the perfect orthodontic option for them.

comfortable braces brookline

We also ensure that scheduled appointments with Dr. Georgaklis are comfortable for our patients as well. Dr. G makes it a point to schedule less patient appointments each day so he can give each patient the attention they deserve. More time allows for a more personalized orthodontic treatment than most practices offer and faster results. At each scheduled orthodontic appointment Dr. G will monitor the progress of your treatment and make any adjustments that are necessary.

Fast orthodontic treatment time is another reason why many adults are choosing to get straight teeth at Rapid Braces. Dr. G developed the 6 month braces technique almost 20 years ago and has been making improvements ever since. Today he is able to complete 90% of the orthodontic cases that he takes on with his 6 month braces treatment option. We are able to achieve such fast results by paying attention to every small detail and focusing on the end result of your treatment. Call Rapid Braces today to get started with Boston’s best orthodontic treatment for adults.

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Boston Orthodontics for Adults

Boston Orthodontics for Adults

In 2015 more and more adults around the Greater Boston area got orthodontic treatment so they could get straight teeth and perfect smiles. At Rapid Braces in Brookline we realize how important it is for our patients to feel comfortable showing their smile. We do our best to offer Boston orthodontics for adults that can be completed quickly and comfortably. Dr. Georgaklis has spent years developing the 6 month braces technique so Rapid Braces can offer patients the best Boston orthodontics solution.

Braces aren’t just for kids at Rapid Braces in Brookline. For years we have been offering a number of cutting-edge braces alternatives to patients who want straight teeth. With our braces alternatives there is no need to wear unsightly metal braces for multiple years. Patients can choose from invisible braces, behind the teeth braces, clear braces, and invisalign at the Rapid Braces office in Brookline. Each braces for adults alternative was designed to give patients fantastic orthodontic results quickly and comfortably. With so many braces alternatives available, any patient can find a Boston orthodontics option that works for them.

boston orthodontics for adults

Fast Boston orthodontics treatment times are another reason why so many adults are choosing to get perfect smiles at Rapid Braces. The 6 month braces method developed by Dr. G has earned praise from orthodontic experts. He is able to achieve such fast Boston orthodontics treatment times by focusing on the end result and offering his patients the most personalized orthodontic treatment in the Boston area. With more time devoted to each patient, Dr. G is able to closely monitor each patients progress and make any necessary changes to a patient’s braces to ensure the fastest possible orthodontic treatment.

Call Rapid Braces today to get started with our 6 month braces treatment today. Your treatment will start with an initial Boston orthodontics consultation where Dr. G will meet with you. At this first meeting Dr. G and the trained staff at Rapid Braces can get a look at how your teeth are aligned and recommend the best treatment options for you. We make a point at Rapid Braces to never recommend an expensive orthodontic treatment option when less expensive alternatives are available. We will be sure to detail every step in the Rapid Braces orthodontic process so you can make the best possible choice for a perfect smile.

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Avoid Unwanted Attention with Boston Invisible Braces

Over the past several years, Rapid Braces has seen the demand for alternatives to traditional metal braces skyrocket. Patients want orthodontic treatment that will be comfortable, unobtrusive, and completed quickly. The main reason is so that they can continue on with their lives with as little disruption as possible while wearing braces. Dr. Georgaklis at Rapid Braces takes all his patients’ requests into account and has been at the forefront of modern braces alternatives for over 20 years. At Rapid Braces he is able to provide a number of different alternatives to traditional metal braces that will keep patients comfortable during orthodontic treatment and out the door with a perfect smile fast.

alternatives to traditional braces

Of the alternatives to traditional braces that are offered at Rapid Braces, invisible braces have become the most popular. Boston invisible braces or “lingual braces” are worn behind the teeth so they cannot be seen from the outside. Like Invisalign, it will be very difficult for anyone to detect that you are wearing braces. Unlike Invisalign, however, Boston invisible braces offer great control of the teeth and a treatment time that usually works out to be half as long. Invisible braces are custom-made to fit into each patient’s mouth and offer the most personalized adult orthodontic treatment available.

One of the biggest reasons that so many patients are getting perfect smiles with Boston invisible braces is the quick treatment time. At Rapid Braces we offer Dr. G’s personal 6 month braces treatment technique and are able to complete 90% of our cases in 6 months or less. We are able to do this by offering the most cutting-edge techniques for straight teeth and the most personalized orthodontic treatment in the area. Dr. G makes sure to have enough time available to meet with each patient that comes in for an appointment and make any changes as necessary. It is extremely important to not miss any scheduled appointments to finish orthodontic treatment in 6 months or less.

Schedule an appointment at our Brookline office to get your braces treatment started. The first step is to get an initial consultation with Dr. G so he can see what position your teeth are in as well as if there are any other problems that need to be addressed. Once he’s familiar with your mouth he can put together a number of treatment options for you to choose from. We will present all the different braces options that are available and you can choose which one will work best for you. Each method has different pros and cons that the expert staff at Rapid Braces will be happy to go over with you until you are comfortable making your decision. Call Rapid Braces to get 6 month Boston invisible braces treatment today.

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Get Boston Braces for Adults at Rapid Braces

Getting braces to straighten your teeth can be done at any age. In the past braces were seen as something an individual went through as a teen. Today, thanks to a number of advancements in the orthodontic field, more and more adults are getting Boston braces for a perfect smile at any age. The benefits of having a perfect smile go way further than your appearance. Adults all over are getting healthier mouths by getting Boston braces at Rapid Braces.

We offer a number of different adult orthodontic treatment options at Rapid Braces in Brookline. Our staff understands that the thought of having metal braces is enough to turn most adults away from getting orthodontic treatment. The following modern Boston braces alternatives are intended to be compatible with an adult lifestyle.

  • Clear braces use clear bands so they aren’t as noticeable in your mouth, this option often offers good control of your teeth for excellent results.
  • Invisalign is a teeth straightening system that utilizes clear alignment plates that are changed over time to gradually close any gaps between your teeth. Individuals wearing invisalign report that almost no one noticed they were wearing braces.
  • Lingual braces are put behind the teeth so they can’t be seen from the outside. They will only be visible if you tilt your head back.

boston braces for adults

All of our modern Boston braces alternatives are unobtrusive and able to be customized to meet any patients specific needs. It is important that patients are able to attend every appointment scheduled during their treatment. Dr. Georgaklis can provide more personalized adult orthodontic treatment if he is able to monitor your progress closely.

After you get your Boston braces taken off you will notice a number of improvements to your oral health. Your teeth will be properly spaced, allowing for a much more comfortable bite and easier cleaning. Straight teeth can also help stop any persistent jaw pain that many individuals don’t even realize that they have. Rapid Braces is the best place to get adult orthodontic treatment in the Boston area. Call today to learn more about getting Boston braces and a perfect smile today.

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