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How Long Do I Have to Wear Braces For?

Getting orthodontic treatment for straight teeth is a great step to take for anyone looking for a boost of self confidence. Straight teeth will allow you to show off your smile to anyone and feel comfortable in social situations. Many individuals, however, decide against starting adult orthodontic treatment due to the length of treatment time. Asking most orthodontists about how long you’ll have to wear braces for will get you an answer about how it depends on certain circumstances but they aim to complete treatment in about 2 years. 2 years is a long time to undergo a treatment for straight teeth for and is a major deterrent to many patients getting straight teeth.

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At Rapid Braces in Brookline, Dr. Georgaklis saw the reluctance many patients have regarding the length of orthodontic care. In response to lengthy treatment times he developed the Rapid Braces technique to give his patients perfect smiles in 6 months or less. Dr. G puts an emphasis on the final result so less time is required for initial bite modifications that take up precious time. Our expert staff has years of experience employing the Rapid Braces technique and the results speak for themselves.

90% of patients that Dr. G sees are able to finish the Rapid Braces treatment in 6 months or less. Patients will be required to come for weekly visits so Dr. G can evaluate the progress of the treatment and make necessary adjustments. It is important to remember that missing appointments will almost certainly result in a longer treatment time. Rapid Braces strives to make each patient visit to the office as personalized as possible so patients get the best possible results. Take a look at our 6 month braces before and after photos for proof of the results our patients get after undergoing treatment.

A number of different types of braces are available with our 6 month braces treatment as well. We offer traditional metal braces, clear braces, invisalign and lingual braces at Rapid Braces. With all the choices patients are able to find an orthodontic solution that works for them. Many of the options also allow for more discrete adult orthodontic treatment so your mouth won’t be the center of attention wherever you go. Rapid Braces offers orthodontic treatment in 6 months that can be customized for almost anyone.

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Utilize Adult Cosmetic Orthodontics for a Perfect Smile

At Rapid Braces we believe that you’re never too old to get a perfect smile. Adults of all ages are beginning to start adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment to get straight teeth. Patients can take advantage of orthodontic treatment at any age provided their mouths are healthy enough to do so. Having a smile that you are confident in can work wonders for your self-confidence and help stop you from shying away from social interactions. We offer a number of different types of braces so that all of our patients can treatment that is suited to their needs.

Our Brookline office is proud to offer a number of different adult cosmetic orthodontics treatments to give our patients the smile of their dreams. Braces treatments that are available include metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign and lingual braces. Traditional metal braces are great for treating most adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment and are able to be modified easily to fit special needs. Clear braces and Invisalign are perfect for individuals who aren’t interested in all the extra attention that having braces brings. Finally lingual braces are braces that are fit to the inside of your teeth so they can’t be seen but are also strong and versatile.

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Many adults will qualify for adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment as long as they have healthy gums and jaw bones. Each type of braces that we offer will help get you obtain a healthier mouth. Some of the benefits of undergoing an adult orthodontic treatment can address:

  • Overbites, crossbones or any other issues that cause your teeth to fit together incorrectly
  • Teeth that are crowded or overlapping
  • Large gaps between the teeth
  • Jaw pressure or pain

Another problem that many adults have with braces is the treatment time. Most adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment plans span the length of a couple of years and many individuals can’t be committed to getting straight teeth for that long. Rapid Braces, however, is aiming to change that with our 6 month braces treatment option. By focusing on the final result we are able to cut the duration of treatment time considerably and get patients perfect smiles fast. Using the Rapid Braces method Dr. Georgaklis is able to finish 90% of his cases in 6 months or less. Call Rapid Braces today to learn how to get your treatment started.

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The Rapid Braces Difference

Using braces to straighten out crooked teeth is a treatment that dates back to ancient times. A perfect smile can help anyone look and feel great. Braces are often used to correct underbites, over bites, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth and a number of other flaws. The application of braces uses brackets, arch wire, ligature elastic and bonding material. The process will put a light pressure on your teeth, slowly resulting in straight teeth. The slow braces treatment, however, can be a nuisance and cause many people to decide against getting braces for straight teeth altogether.

straight teeth in 6 months

In an effort to offer patients a quicker braces treatment plan, Dr. Clifton Georgaklis created the Rapid Braces technique. By focusing on the end result of the treatment like a cosmetic dentist Dr. G was able to cut the time required to get straight teeth down considerably. With his innovative new Rapid Braces technique Dr. G was able to complete full treatment in only 6 months. He and his staff understand how important a perfect smile is and will do everything that they can to give patients the best smile possible.

The Rapid Braces treatment can be done with a number of different types of braces. We offer the 6 month braces service with metal, clear or invisible “behind the teeth” braces. A personalized approach is emphasized throughout the entire treatment that consists of scheduled visits after the application of the braces. This personalized approach allows Dr. G to ensure that the best possible decisions are being made and patients leave with straight teeth in 6 months or less.

The results of the Rapid Braces technique speak for themselves. Visiting the Rapid Braces site will allow you to see a variety of before and after pictures that show just how effective the treatment is. Orthodontists visit from around the U.S. to observe Dr. G’s technique. Rapid Braces is the best way to get straight teeth in 6 months or less.

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