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Straight Teeth Fast with Boston Speed Braces


Feeling unconfident with your smile?

Have a wedding or graduation coming up? Want to drastically improve your confidence and self image in under 6 months? Yale Graduate Dr. Clifton Georgaklis, founder of Rapid Braces, is dedicated to every patient to ensure that the process of creating your perfect smile is as smooth and as fast as possible. Many patients are looking for places to get fast orthodontic treatment, and like many Boston Orthodontists, Rapid Braces offers a number of different options custom to your needs. We understand that the concept of adult braces is not ideal, but our treatment for adults surpasses the complexity of traditional adult orthodontic treatment.

Scared to start adult orthodontic treatment due to length of procedure, and uncomfortable and unappealing equipment?

There is no shame in wanting a perfect teeth. Here at Rapid Braces, we treat patients of all ages and are dedicated to giving you the confidence and look that you’ve always wanted. Here at Rapid Braces, our process is neither scary, painful nor unattractive. One of our treatment options  consists of inserting a clear or metallic braces behind your teeth, creating minimal maintenance and clutter that you get from traditional braces. We understand your smile is essential to all aspects of your life, which is why our process is affordable, easy and FAST. Start seeing that smile you have always dreamed of having within the first 6 months of treatment! Wow your co-workers, impress your friends, and get that smile you’ve always wanted with Rapid Braces. Theres no time to waste, get that perfect smile today.

Rapid Braces is your solution to a perfect smile in less than 6 months. Period.

Get in touch for a consultation and take the next steps in controlling your confidence. During a quick appointment, Dr. Georgaklis and our team will get a good look at how your teeth are aligned and provide you with a plan to getting a perfect smile. We hope to see you at our office at 1798 Beacon Street Brookline, MA 02445. Don’t wait, make an appointment today!

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Get Braces Off in 6 Months or Less

Many adults spend their entire lives wishing that they could have a better smile. Big gaps and crooked teeth can cause individuals to constantly worry about covering up their smile, leading to unwanted anxiety. The thought of getting braces to get a perfect smile is often enough to scare adults away due to the painful treatment and long treatment times. Luckily, today there are a number of adult orthodontic treatment options available that can fit into any adult’s busy lifestyle.

6 month orthodontic treatment

Dr. Georgaklis began developing the 6 month braces technique more than 20 years ago and has received acclaim from fellow orthodontists worldwide. The technique was created because Dr. G realized there was an overwhelming need for fast adult orthodontic treatment. Adults were too often choosing not to get braces because of the demanding appointment schedule and lengthy treatment time. In the past it would regularly take a patient between 1 and 3 years to get straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Using the 6 month braces method that he created, Dr. G is able to finish over 90% of his cases in 6 months or less.

Come visit Rapid Braces in Brookline to learn more about our 6 month braces treatment option. Our expert staff strives to offer the most personalized orthodontic treatment option in the Boston area. With individualized treatment plans in place we are able to closely monitor your teeth’s movement and make any changes that will lead to better end results and a quicker completion time. Each case that we take on will start with a consultation so Dr. G and his trained staff can get a good look at how your teeth are aligned and put together an adult orthodontic plan tailored specifically for your needs.

Get started with 6 month braces treatment at Rapid Braces and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get fantastic results. A better smile can significantly help with self-confidence. Former patients often drop by to let us know how happy they are with their new smile. Call Rapid Braces today to learn more about how to get started with the fastest and most comfortable adult orthodontic treatment in the Boston area.

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Get Straight Teeth with Lingual Braces

Getting a perfect smile can be important to someone for a number of reasons. Having straight teeth will improve your bite, keep your mouth clean, help you avoid persistent pain and raise your self-confidence in social settings. At Rapid Braces we offer a number of different Boston braces options so patients can choose the type of braces that works best for them. Traditional metal braces, clear braces and lingual braces can all get you straight teeth in 6 months or less at Rapid Braces. Of those 3 different options, lingual braces are the type that many of our patients hadn’t even considered prior to starting orthodontic treatment.

lingual braces boston

Lingual braces are a modern braces alternative that are placed behind the teeth as opposed to the front. Because of this, lingual braces provide an excellent cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces. Patients looking to get a perfect smile without all the extra attention can keep their braces hidden behind their teeth. We often hear stories from patients about how they got through the entire orthodontic treatment process without their friends even realizing they’d been wearing braces.

To start lingual braces treatment the experts at Rapid Braces in Brookline will first need to get an impression of your teeth. The impression is then brought to an orthodontic lab where a set of custom brackets that will fit your teeth perfectly. Once the fitted brackets are delivered to Rapid Braces we can cement the lingual braces to the back of your teeth where they will remain invisible to anyone on the outside. It is also important to note that getting lingual braces is more expensive than other types of braces because of all the custom work done to fit the braces to your mouth perfectly.

After getting them put in your mouth, lingual braces will give you a perfect smile by applying a constant gentle pressure on your teeth. While undergoing lingual braces treatment at Rapid Braces your teeth will slowly be shifted into the proper position. The result is the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about for years without all the anxiety that comes with having everyone see all the metal in your mouth. Dr. Georgaklis uses the latest braces technology to get his patients perfect smiles fast. Call today to learn more about how to get started with Rapid Braces’ adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment today.

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Avoid Delays During Your Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment

One of the best reasons to get adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces in Brookline is the fast treatment times. Dr. G has developed his Rapid Braces technique so he is able to get patients finished with their orthodontic treatment in 6 months or less. By utilizing this method, Rapid Braces is able to complete treatment in 6 months or less with more than 90% of our patients. During treatment our expert staff is able to give patients the highest-quality orthodontic treatment in the Greater Boston area.

fast orthodontic treatment brookline

When you are getting straight teeth with Rapid Braces it is important that you attend all of the appointments that we schedule for you. We like to keep the number of patients we are treating down at any given time so we are able to provide a more personalized service. With our personalized orthodontic service Dr. G. is able to focus on each case individually and make any changes that are necessary to achieve the best results. These individualized orthodontic appointments are a big part of why Rapid Braces has been able to get so many patients perfect smiles fast.

Rapid Braces’ quick treatment times and personalized service are both carefully planned for each patient so they can receive the best possible service. Making sure you don’t miss any of the appointments that we schedule for you at the start of your treatment is essential. At these appointments Dr. G and his staff can make sure you’re taking proper care of your mouth and that your teeth are responding to the orthodontic treatment as expected. It doesn’t happen often but there are times in which we notice something we didn’t catch earlier that will improve results and reduce treatment time.

Don’t hesitate to call Rapid Braces if you are looking to get a perfect smile. Over the past several years the staff Rapid Braces has learned that the only thing preventing most people from getting straight teeth is themselves. A fear of a long and painful treatment is what causes most people to back out of starting treatment but Rapid Braces is here to change the way you think about braces. Our treatment times rarely last longer than 6 months and use modern braces technologies that minimize the amount of pain that comes along with wearing braces.

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How a Perfect Smile can Improve your Life

get perfect smile benefits

Many studies have shown that individuals who like their smiles have better self-esteem. People who feel they have straight teeth and can show off their smile have an easier time in social settings and feel more comfortable interacting with their peers. People who want straight teeth are often afraid to talk to strangers due to fear of exposing their teeth. Even though this problem exists many people won’t even consider getting braces because they’ve heard the treatment can be lengthy and painful.

At Rapid Braces in Brookline we are proud to offer a number of modern braces alternatives that will make the process of getting a perfect smile considerably easier. 75 percent of the American population doesn’t have straight teeth so utilizing our service can help you stand out in a good way. Rapid Braces also offers Dr. G’s signature Rapid Braces technique which has helped 90% of patients finish their orthodontic treatment in 6 months or less. Patients must be able to make all of the appointments that are scheduled during their orthodontic treatment if they expect to be able to be done in 6 months or less.

Getting a perfect smile at Rapid Braces in Brookline has benefits beyond just the cosmetic improvements as well:

  • Individuals with straight teeth chew better.
  • Having a perfect smile will give you a better bite.
  • Straight teeth can help you speak more clearly.
  • No gaps between your teeth will make them easier to clean and contribute to better gum health.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to get straight teeth at Rapid Braces in Brookline. We understand the fear that accompanies some patients when they are first getting their braces put on and strive to offer a comfortable environment for every appointment. Rapid Braces offers a number of different types of braces so that every patient can choose what is best for them. A perfect smile can be a big part in a more confident you. Get in touch with our office in Brookline and schedule an appointment to learn more about how you can improve your life by getting straight teeth today.

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Straighten Teeth with Adult Braces

Orthodontists around the country agree that it’s never too late to get braces. Adults are beginning to start adult orthodontic treatment at all ages to get straight teeth and perfect smiles. The health benefits of adult braces, however, go way beyond the cosmetic improvements. Straight teeth will improve your bite as well as make it far easier to keep your mouth clean. As an adult, it is often much easier to afford braces. Recent advancements in how braces look and feel have also made the whole idea of undergoing cosmetic orthodontic treatment with adult braces much less intimidating.

A quick treatment time is a big reason that so many adults start adult orthodontic treatment with Rapid Braces. Dr. Georgaklis’ Rapid Braces technique is able to get patients completed with treatment in 6 months or less 90% of the time. With such a quick treatment time patients are able to get their adult braces off fast and experience the benefits of a perfect smile sooner. The days of having to suffer through years of wearing braces before being able to get them off are over.

perfect smile brookline

At Rapid Braces in Brookline we offer a variety of adult braces options so our patients have the ability to choose the type of braces that will be best for them. Our braces are intended to be lightweight and cosmetically-friendly. Our patients undergoing treatment with adult braces won’t have to worry about any unwanted attention drawn their way due to a mouth full clunky metal. Clear braces have clear brackets and bands so other people will be unable to see them in your mouth. Lingual braces are worn behind the teeth so they can’t be seen from the outside. Invisalign uses clear aligners that need to be changed as the position of your teeth begins to change.

Adult braces are becoming more popular than ever. People are realizing that there is no reason to continue wishing for a perfect smile when there are a number of options available to make the dream a reality. Rapid Braces strives to give patients the best adult orthodontic experience possible by offering a shorter treatment time and variety of braces options to patients. Call Rapid Braces today to learn more about how we are changing the way orthodontic treatment is done.

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What Can I Expect During my Orthodontic Treatment?

The thought of getting braces for straight teeth is something that many individuals feel unsure about. “Do braces hurt?”, “When will I have to come in for appointments?” and “How long will I have to wear my braces for?” are all common questions we get from those considering treatment. The good news is that braces are nowhere near as scary as many would like you to believe. The even better news is that Rapid Braces has refined the orthodontic process to make getting and wearing braces easier than ever and get you out the door with a perfect smile in just six months. The following is what you can expect during your orthodontic treatment because we realize there are probably some questions that still need to be answered.

adult cosmetic orthodontic appointment

Orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces in Brookline starts with an initial consultation. At this meeting we will take a first look at your teeth in order to identify any problems that exist. Once we have a clear picture of what your mouth looks like we will put together a few treatment options for you. Our expert staff at Rapid Braces will present you with all of your options as well as the pros and cons of each choice. At this point you may need some time to think over the adult orthodontic treatment options we gave you and can reach out to us in the future regarding starting treatment. Other individuals can’t wait for their perfect smile and are able to choose a treatment option right there. Once you’ve made a decision that you are comfortable with we will put you on the schedule to get your braces put on as soon as possible.

Getting braces put on for the first time is the part of the treatment that many patients recall as being the scariest. Having a complex system of brackets, bands and wires in your mouth can feel very strange at first but the staff at Rapid Braces urges you not to overreact. Dr. Georgaklis has years of experience handling orthodontic cases for hundreds of patients. Having braces in your mouth for the first time will be a bit uncomfortable but everyone gets used to it quickly. Rapid Braces recommends eating soft foods after getting braces put on to avoid agitating your mouth.

After getting your braces put on you will be required to come in for regular appointments so Dr. Georgaklis can monitor your progress and make any fixes or changes to your treatment plan. Rapid Braces strives to keep the number of appointments everyday down so patients receive personalized service. We emphasize an attention to detail that most other orthodontists do not that will get you better results at the end of the day. It is extremely important that you don’t miss any of your appointments if you want to finish treatment in 6 months and get a perfect smile.

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Braces for Adults

A bright and straight smile can help anyone feel more confident in their appearance. Many individuals are able to undergo orthodontic treatment when they are younger. Starting orthodontic treatment at an earlier age is a great way to get a perfect smile for life but for some people that isn’t an option. 65% of adults do not have well-aligned front teeth. At Rapid Braces in Brookline, however, we use a number of different adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment techniques that make it easier for adults to get braces.

braces for adults

Rapid Braces offers a number of braces treatment options so adults can undergo their treatment discretely. Wearing braces makes many individuals feel very subconscious to the point that they will avoid social interactions. We have clear braces, lingual braces and invisalign treatments available so you can get a perfect smile without having to worry about showing off your teeth. Clear braces use clear brackets and bands so they blend in with your teeth. Lingual braces are put behind the teeth instead of in front so they cannot be seen. Invisalign utilizes clear plastic alignment plates that are worn over the teeth and must be remade every so often for further teeth straightening.

Another advantage that undergoing adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces has is our speedy treatment time. Dr. Georgaklis is able to complete 90% of his patients’ cases within 6 months using his Rapid Braces technique. He does this by putting an emphasis on the finished result. Doing this allows him to save precious time on the entire treatment and have his patients leave his office with perfect smiles faster. Treatment time is a big reason why many adults do not undergo orthodontic treatment and Rapid Braces is aiming to change that.

Schedule an appointment at Rapid Braces to learn more about how we’re making braces for adults easier than ever. We understand the obstacles that get in the way of adults starting cosmetic orthodontic treatment. With our expert staff, getting your braces treatment complete in 6 months or less is a real possibility. Check out the 6 month braces case photos here to see the results that our orthodontic work can get.

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Good Food to Eat with Braces

good food for braces

Beginning 6 month braces treatment at Rapid Braces is a big step for anyone looking for a perfect smile. Getting straight teeth can help make your mouth a healthier one and improve self-confidence drastically. While undergoing treatment it is important to take steps to ensure that your braces straighten your teeth as effectively as they can. One area that we continually stress to our patients is to watch the types of food that they eat.

Braces are made up of a complex system of wires, brackets and bands that can be very delicate. Eating the wrong types of food can cause any of these components to be moved or come unattached in a way that will compromise the effectiveness of your 6 month braces treatment. The following foods are ones that we recommend to patients just after they’ve gotten their braces put on and are looking for something to eat.

Fruits and Vegetables

It is important to stay away from crunchy foods like apples and carrots to keep your braces in top shape. Steering towards softer fruits like grapefruits, oranges and kiwis or steamed vegetables is a better way to avoid damaging your braces.


Meat is generally ok to eat as long as it is off the bone. When eating foods like chicken wings it is essential to pick the meat off of the bone before eating it.


Yogurt is one of the best things to eat when undergoing cosmetic orthodontic treatment. Soft cheeses can also be eaten without fear of damaging braces.


Pasta and soft-cooked rice are the way to go if you’re craving grains when wearing braces. The softer foods will be very easy to eat and cause little to no pain.


All types of hard candy should be off-limits during the 6 month braces treatment. The brackets of braces have a hard time standing up to the force it takes to bite through a hard piece of candy. Chewy candies can also present braces problems because they get stuck in hard to reach places. Because of this, sweet treats such as applesauce, bananas, jello, smoothies and ice cream are what we recommend at Rapid Braces.

If you are able to stay away from the foods we’ve warned you about your treatment will be able to stay on course. At Rapid Braces we offer 6 month braces using the Rapid Braces technique so our patients can get the perfect smiles that they want faster. Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary adult cosmetic orthondontic treatment options.

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Do I Need Braces?

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is an important step to take for an individual who would like to get straight teeth. In fact, anyone who has a bad bite can benefit from getting braces. Braces will get rid of any pain that you may get from overcrowded teeth, difficulty chewing or food getting stuck between your teeth. A perfect smile will also give you a level of comfort during social situations that you’ve never experienced before.

Some common reasons to get braces:

Crowded teeth

Teeth can get crowded in an incorrectly developing jaw and cause discomfort and pain at any time of the day. Get your crowded teeth some space with Rapid Braces in Brookline.

Crooked teeth

There are a number of reasons why individuals’ teeth come in crooked. Often it is because peoples’ mouths are too small or their upper and lower jaws aren’t the same size. Get straight teeth for a perfect smile with Rapid Braces.

Gaps between teeth

Having big gaps between your teeth can make it harder to keep your teeth clean and make it difficult to feel comfortable showing your smile to everyone. Close any gaps with Rapid Braces’ expert adult orthodontic care.

boston adult orthodontic treatment

Patients in need of orthodontic care can start treatment at any age. Today braces aren’t just for kids. Adults of all ages are getting cosmetic orthodontic treatment to fix bite problems and get a perfect smile.

Dr. Georgaklis has been providing expert orthodontic care in the Greater Boston area for a number of years. He is able to offer traditional metal braces, invisalign, clear braces and lingual braces from his Brookline office. Dr. G has been able to complete Rapid Braces treatment in 6 months or less in 90% of the cases he has started. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how you can get a perfect smile in 6 months.

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