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Call Now for a Free Consultation: (617) 277-5200
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Straight Teeth

Teeth Straightening

straighter teeth bostonStraight teeth and an amazing smile are attainable for you. Our focus at Cleveland Circle Dental Associates is complex esthetic dental problems that crowded teeth present, relating not just position but shape, bite, color, and gum contour. We love combining various modalities and techniques to give you the best smile possible.

The first step in the teeth-straightening process is a thorough discussion of the issues that are of concern to you. We will provide you with our assessment and provide you with a full problem list along with our solutions.

Dr. Georgaklis is an expert in creating tailored treatment plans for each individual patient he sees. He will present you with alternatives and allow you to choose what is right for your budget and schedule, free from any pressure. This is why Dr. Georgaklis has had a thriving dental practice for 22 years.

While there are many different options for teeth straightening, many people are interested in dental braces or invisible braces. We recommend clear braces for many of our patients. They are an effective and affordable treatment option.

However, some of our patients decline treatment with clear braces in favor of invisible braces. Invisible braces are lingual braces that are mounted behind the teeth on the tongue (lingual) side. They can only be seen if you tilt your head back. Nothing is seen from the front, so most people won’t know you’re wearing braces. Another advantage to invisible braces is that they allow for much greater control and a much shorter treatment (usually half) than Invisalign clear retainers, which rest over the teeth and use less force.

We know that finding the right teeth straightening treatment is not an easy task. We are confident that we can find the best option for you and provide you with lasting results. Contact us today to get started on your new smile!