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More than Cosmetic Benefits to a Perfect Smile

At Rapid Braces in Brookline we give many patients straight teeth who are completely concerned with the cosmetic benefits of a perfect smile. Being able to show off those straight teeth to the world and not feel embarrassed in public due to crooked teeth are what they’re after. Straight teeth have been proven to raise self-confidence considerably but there are a number of other health benefits that come with straight teeth as well. Your mouth will be much easier to keep clean after getting a perfect smile at Rapid Braces and your bite will be improved to reduce any pain or discomfort as well.

perfect smile benefits

The biggest health benefit that comes along with a perfect smile is how much easier it will be to keep your mouth clean. Having crooked teeth means that there will be all sorts of gaps between the teeth that food can get stuck in. Brushing your teeth regularly will get most of the food out of your mouth but there will be some spots that are trickier to get to. Having food that stays in your mouth for a prolonged period of time will lead to decay and bad breath. Having straight teeth will make it much easier to make sure you’re able to clean everywhere when you brush. There won’t be any large gaps between your teeth that need extra attention or any odd shaped spaces you can’t even see to make brushing difficult.

An improved bite is another benefit of getting a perfect smile with Dr. G. at Rapid Braces. Having crooked teeth usually means your bite isn’t aligned properly which causes discomfort every time that you bite or chew something. Getting straight teeth will help improve your bite so that this discomfort you feel after eating will no longer be an issue. Many of our patients come back after completing treatment to tell us that they didn’t even realize how much pain their improper bite was causing. Fixing your bite now can also help prevent more serious jaw problems from occurring down the road.

Get a perfect smile at Rapid Braces and experience all the health benefits that having straight teeth can get you. A majority of our patients are able to complete their treatment in 6 months or less using Dr. G’s Rapid Braces technique. Once they are finished with their treatment they often find that their mouths are far easier to keep clean than it was before and that any jaw pain they used to experience due to an improper bite has been significantly reduced. Call Rapid Braces today and schedule an appointment to learn about all the benefits a perfect smile has to offer.

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How to Handle an Orthodontic Emergency

Taking good care of your mouth and braces throughout your entire orthodontic treatment is the best way to avoid an orthodontic emergency. At Rapid Braces we realize that sometimes an emergency situation can’t be avoided even if you take care of your braces exactly how your orthodontist tells you to. The most common orthodontic emergencies that we see in our office include poking wires, broken braces, lost retainers and loose brackets. In the event of one of these issues the best step is to get an appointment with Rapid Braces scheduled as quickly as possible. Dr. Georgaklis is the one who developed your cosmetic orthodontic treatment plan and will know the best way to resolve the situation.

The following are some tips on how to best avoid ever having to deal with an orthodontic emergency:

Watch what you eat

Avoiding foods that have the potential to damage your braces is essential for anyone undergoing adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment. Anything that is crunchy, chewy or sticky can break the brackets and bend the wires of your braces. Keeping your braces in good shape is important to keeping your treatment on track and finishing up with a perfect smile.

A little bit of pain is normal

Experiencing some pain and discomfort while wearing braces is a normal part of the orthodontic treatment process. Our mouths can be particularly sensitive after just getting the braces put on. If any pain doesn’t subside over a few days it is best to schedule an appointment with Dr. G so he can take a look and pinpoint exactly what is causing the pain.

You can still play sports

Getting braces doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing your favorite sports. At Rapid Braces we recommend all orthodontic patients wear a mouthguard when participating in an athletic activity. Wearing a mouthguard will protect your teeth and braces from sustaining any damage due to an unforeseen collision.

By following the tips listed above and properly cleaning your teeth you will be able to avoid most of the orthodontic emergencies that are seen by Rapid Braces. It is important to get in touch with Rapid Braces as quickly as possible in the event of an actual emergency to ensure your treatment time doesn’t change and you stay on track to getting a perfect smile.

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What Can I Expect During my Orthodontic Treatment?

The thought of getting braces for straight teeth is something that many individuals feel unsure about. “Do braces hurt?”, “When will I have to come in for appointments?” and “How long will I have to wear my braces for?” are all common questions we get from those considering treatment. The good news is that braces are nowhere near as scary as many would like you to believe. The even better news is that Rapid Braces has refined the orthodontic process to make getting and wearing braces easier than ever and get you out the door with a perfect smile in just six months. The following is what you can expect during your orthodontic treatment because we realize there are probably some questions that still need to be answered.

adult cosmetic orthodontic appointment

Orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces in Brookline starts with an initial consultation. At this meeting we will take a first look at your teeth in order to identify any problems that exist. Once we have a clear picture of what your mouth looks like we will put together a few treatment options for you. Our expert staff at Rapid Braces will present you with all of your options as well as the pros and cons of each choice. At this point you may need some time to think over the adult orthodontic treatment options we gave you and can reach out to us in the future regarding starting treatment. Other individuals can’t wait for their perfect smile and are able to choose a treatment option right there. Once you’ve made a decision that you are comfortable with we will put you on the schedule to get your braces put on as soon as possible.

Getting braces put on for the first time is the part of the treatment that many patients recall as being the scariest. Having a complex system of brackets, bands and wires in your mouth can feel very strange at first but the staff at Rapid Braces urges you not to overreact. Dr. Georgaklis has years of experience handling orthodontic cases for hundreds of patients. Having braces in your mouth for the first time will be a bit uncomfortable but everyone gets used to it quickly. Rapid Braces recommends eating soft foods after getting braces put on to avoid agitating your mouth.

After getting your braces put on you will be required to come in for regular appointments so Dr. Georgaklis can monitor your progress and make any fixes or changes to your treatment plan. Rapid Braces strives to keep the number of appointments everyday down so patients receive personalized service. We emphasize an attention to detail that most other orthodontists do not that will get you better results at the end of the day. It is extremely important that you don’t miss any of your appointments if you want to finish treatment in 6 months and get a perfect smile.

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Braces for Adults

A bright and straight smile can help anyone feel more confident in their appearance. Many individuals are able to undergo orthodontic treatment when they are younger. Starting orthodontic treatment at an earlier age is a great way to get a perfect smile for life but for some people that isn’t an option. 65% of adults do not have well-aligned front teeth. At Rapid Braces in Brookline, however, we use a number of different adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment techniques that make it easier for adults to get braces.

braces for adults

Rapid Braces offers a number of braces treatment options so adults can undergo their treatment discretely. Wearing braces makes many individuals feel very subconscious to the point that they will avoid social interactions. We have clear braces, lingual braces and invisalign treatments available so you can get a perfect smile without having to worry about showing off your teeth. Clear braces use clear brackets and bands so they blend in with your teeth. Lingual braces are put behind the teeth instead of in front so they cannot be seen. Invisalign utilizes clear plastic alignment plates that are worn over the teeth and must be remade every so often for further teeth straightening.

Another advantage that undergoing adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces has is our speedy treatment time. Dr. Georgaklis is able to complete 90% of his patients’ cases within 6 months using his Rapid Braces technique. He does this by putting an emphasis on the finished result. Doing this allows him to save precious time on the entire treatment and have his patients leave his office with perfect smiles faster. Treatment time is a big reason why many adults do not undergo orthodontic treatment and Rapid Braces is aiming to change that.

Schedule an appointment at Rapid Braces to learn more about how we’re making braces for adults easier than ever. We understand the obstacles that get in the way of adults starting cosmetic orthodontic treatment. With our expert staff, getting your braces treatment complete in 6 months or less is a real possibility. Check out the 6 month braces case photos here to see the results that our orthodontic work can get.

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Good Food to Eat with Braces

good food for braces

Beginning 6 month braces treatment at Rapid Braces is a big step for anyone looking for a perfect smile. Getting straight teeth can help make your mouth a healthier one and improve self-confidence drastically. While undergoing treatment it is important to take steps to ensure that your braces straighten your teeth as effectively as they can. One area that we continually stress to our patients is to watch the types of food that they eat.

Braces are made up of a complex system of wires, brackets and bands that can be very delicate. Eating the wrong types of food can cause any of these components to be moved or come unattached in a way that will compromise the effectiveness of your 6 month braces treatment. The following foods are ones that we recommend to patients just after they’ve gotten their braces put on and are looking for something to eat.

Fruits and Vegetables

It is important to stay away from crunchy foods like apples and carrots to keep your braces in top shape. Steering towards softer fruits like grapefruits, oranges and kiwis or steamed vegetables is a better way to avoid damaging your braces.


Meat is generally ok to eat as long as it is off the bone. When eating foods like chicken wings it is essential to pick the meat off of the bone before eating it.


Yogurt is one of the best things to eat when undergoing cosmetic orthodontic treatment. Soft cheeses can also be eaten without fear of damaging braces.


Pasta and soft-cooked rice are the way to go if you’re craving grains when wearing braces. The softer foods will be very easy to eat and cause little to no pain.


All types of hard candy should be off-limits during the 6 month braces treatment. The brackets of braces have a hard time standing up to the force it takes to bite through a hard piece of candy. Chewy candies can also present braces problems because they get stuck in hard to reach places. Because of this, sweet treats such as applesauce, bananas, jello, smoothies and ice cream are what we recommend at Rapid Braces.

If you are able to stay away from the foods we’ve warned you about your treatment will be able to stay on course. At Rapid Braces we offer 6 month braces using the Rapid Braces technique so our patients can get the perfect smiles that they want faster. Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary adult cosmetic orthondontic treatment options.

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Choosing the Right Orthodontist

Getting any type of braces means making a commitment to one orthodontist and the treatment plan that they are offering. Before making a decision it is important to make sure that you have weighed your options and feel comfortable with the orthodontist you have selected. A few good things to look into are how long a certain orthodontist has been practicing for, what certifications an orthodontist has earned as well as if there are any patient testimonials available for you to look at. Feeling comfortable with and trusting the work of the orthodontist you will be frequently visiting for appointments is essential before beginning treatment.

straight teeth brooklineDr. Georgaklis at Rapid Braces has been giving his patients perfect smiles in the Brookline area for over 20 years. He is the creator of the Rapid Braces technique and his practice puts an emphasis on adult cosmetic orthodontics. The technique, which has received widespread recognition, was developed in order to get patients finished with their braces treatment faster. Fellow orthodontists travel from around the world to observe the 6 month braces procedure.

Dr. G is able to separate himself from other Boston area orthodontists by offering his 6 month braces treatment. Adult orthodontic care regularly takes between 1 and 2 years to complete treatment but the Rapid Braces technique is here to change that. Rapid Braces puts a focus on the final result so treatment won’t be so lengthy. We offer personalized service to ensure all our patients the attention they deserve and complete treatment with the best smile possible. Our 6 month braces treatment can be completed with a number of different types of braces, including clear braces, invisalign and lingual braces.

Starting adult orthodontic treatment at Rapid Braces is one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself. Almost all of our patients are able to finish treatment in 6 months or less and leave with a big boost in self-confidence due to their straighter teeth. Rapid Braces also offers a number of services like teeth whitening, gum reshaping and tooth reshaping so we can be sure that each patient completes the Rapid Braces treatment with a perfect smile.

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Do I Need Braces?

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is an important step to take for an individual who would like to get straight teeth. In fact, anyone who has a bad bite can benefit from getting braces. Braces will get rid of any pain that you may get from overcrowded teeth, difficulty chewing or food getting stuck between your teeth. A perfect smile will also give you a level of comfort during social situations that you’ve never experienced before.

Some common reasons to get braces:

Crowded teeth

Teeth can get crowded in an incorrectly developing jaw and cause discomfort and pain at any time of the day. Get your crowded teeth some space with Rapid Braces in Brookline.

Crooked teeth

There are a number of reasons why individuals’ teeth come in crooked. Often it is because peoples’ mouths are too small or their upper and lower jaws aren’t the same size. Get straight teeth for a perfect smile with Rapid Braces.

Gaps between teeth

Having big gaps between your teeth can make it harder to keep your teeth clean and make it difficult to feel comfortable showing your smile to everyone. Close any gaps with Rapid Braces’ expert adult orthodontic care.

boston adult orthodontic treatment

Patients in need of orthodontic care can start treatment at any age. Today braces aren’t just for kids. Adults of all ages are getting cosmetic orthodontic treatment to fix bite problems and get a perfect smile.

Dr. Georgaklis has been providing expert orthodontic care in the Greater Boston area for a number of years. He is able to offer traditional metal braces, invisalign, clear braces and lingual braces from his Brookline office. Dr. G has been able to complete Rapid Braces treatment in 6 months or less in 90% of the cases he has started. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how you can get a perfect smile in 6 months.

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How Long Do I Have to Wear Braces For?

Getting orthodontic treatment for straight teeth is a great step to take for anyone looking for a boost of self confidence. Straight teeth will allow you to show off your smile to anyone and feel comfortable in social situations. Many individuals, however, decide against starting adult orthodontic treatment due to the length of treatment time. Asking most orthodontists about how long you’ll have to wear braces for will get you an answer about how it depends on certain circumstances but they aim to complete treatment in about 2 years. 2 years is a long time to undergo a treatment for straight teeth for and is a major deterrent to many patients getting straight teeth.

boston 6 month braces treatment

At Rapid Braces in Brookline, Dr. Georgaklis saw the reluctance many patients have regarding the length of orthodontic care. In response to lengthy treatment times he developed the Rapid Braces technique to give his patients perfect smiles in 6 months or less. Dr. G puts an emphasis on the final result so less time is required for initial bite modifications that take up precious time. Our expert staff has years of experience employing the Rapid Braces technique and the results speak for themselves.

90% of patients that Dr. G sees are able to finish the Rapid Braces treatment in 6 months or less. Patients will be required to come for weekly visits so Dr. G can evaluate the progress of the treatment and make necessary adjustments. It is important to remember that missing appointments will almost certainly result in a longer treatment time. Rapid Braces strives to make each patient visit to the office as personalized as possible so patients get the best possible results. Take a look at our 6 month braces before and after photos for proof of the results our patients get after undergoing treatment.

A number of different types of braces are available with our 6 month braces treatment as well. We offer traditional metal braces, clear braces, invisalign and lingual braces at Rapid Braces. With all the choices patients are able to find an orthodontic solution that works for them. Many of the options also allow for more discrete adult orthodontic treatment so your mouth won’t be the center of attention wherever you go. Rapid Braces offers orthodontic treatment in 6 months that can be customized for almost anyone.

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The 6 Month Clear Braces Solution

After beginning traditional braces treatment many individuals will try their hardest to hide their smile. Having all that metal and different colored bands in their mouth makes them feel like everybody is looking. Because of this, a number of patients will choose not to undergo treatment and miss the opportunity for straighter teeth. At Rapid Braces in Brookline we offer treatments designed to keep your oral care as discrete as possible. Clear braces are an effective way to get a perfect smile.

With clear braces you won’t have to deal with unsightly metal braces taking over your mouth for a few years. Clear braces are recommended for many patients due to their low cost and history of providing great results. They still use the same amount of force as regular braces but the brackets are clear so that they blend in with your teeth. Your smile will still be just as bright after getting your invisible braces put in. The transparent material that the brackets are made of won’t give you anything to hide.

6 month clear braces brookline

Pros to clear braces:

  • Much less noticeable than metal braces
  • Teeth are moved faster than invisalign retainers

Patients who get clear braces at Rapid Braces can get the 6 month clear braces treatment. Dr. G has been using the Rapid Braces technique for almost 20 years and 90% of his patients are able to complete treatment in 6 months or less. Getting straight teeth is the number one reason patients choose to get braces and Dr. G understands how important a perfect smile is. He approaches his treatment with a focus on dental cosmetics and will do whatever he can to ensure his patients leave with a perfect smile.

Many competitors claim that they are able to give patients straight teeth in 6 months or less but Dr. G is the only one with numbers to back it up. Rapid Braces has put a focus on offering perfect smiles in 6 months or less and is able to finish treatment with 90% of his patients in that timeframe. Get in touch with Rapid Braces to find out how you can get straighter teeth fast.

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Gain Confidence with a Perfect Smile

A lack of self-confidence is something that many individuals with crooked teeth often suffer from. Having trouble talking to other people can be a big problem if you are self-conscious about showing your teeth. When pursuing a career being reluctant to engage with others presents a major obstacle that needs to be addressed. Because of this many individuals would do almost anything to get straighter teeth but are turned away due to the length of treatment time.

At Rapid Braces we offer the opportunity to get a perfect smile in 6 months. Dr. Georgaklis developed the Rapid Braces technique to give patients straighter teeth fast in the Brookline area. By putting an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry Dr. G is able to begin the process of straightening teeth out for a perfect smile earlier in the process and get results fast. No seemingly endless visits to the orthodontist where it seems like little progress is made. Our Rapid Braces treatment is finished in 6 months or less 90% of the time. Dr. G and his staff understand the importance of straight teeth and will do our best to get your treatment completed quickly.

6 month perfect smile brookline

There are a number of different benefits to having straight teeth:

  • People with straighter teeth can chew better
  • Straighter teeth prevent food from getting stuck between teeth
  • People can speak more clearly with straighter teeth
  • Straight teeth help build self-confidence

After the 6 month braces treatment is complete our patients can’t help but show off their perfect smiles to the world. Many individuals tell us they feel completely different in any sort of social setting after undergoing our treatment. The expert staff at Rapid Braces put the cosmetic results of our treatment first and will do everything that they can to give you the straightest teeth possible. In addition to our Rapid Braces service, we also offer treatments like gum reshaping and teeth whitening to give you a great looking smile.

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